Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pleased to meet you and how do you do?

Today was a Spring day, though it had the Fall scent in the air. I have had so many conversations with so many different people about the elusive "Fall Scent". Every single person agrees that there is a "Fall Scent", and that it does in fact "Feel like a Fall day" at the same time. Basically if you imagine yourself surrounded by apple cider and cold wind that makes you want to pull your sweater so close to your body there is no line between the skin and the threads, you are getting closer to understanding what "Fall Scent" is. I rather like it. But only when it is actually Fall. I believe the Spring should just be full of flower scents, and warmth. Blue skies, trees sprouting every color imaginable, flowers freshly planted and lawns freshly cut. So, as I stated WAS a Spring day, but it was bombarded with a very distinctive "Fall Scent".

I guess this makes sense, in a way...because it was a beautiful day to be had with my husband. A beautiful day tainted sadly by the truth that we both had to serve hours within the confines of our jobs, as well as the awful and unflinching truth that we are sentenced to return to those jobs again the next day. The day was exactly as we felt: beautiful but tainted by something we didn't want at the time. A Fall Scent.

Which brings me to the beautiful way in which we escaped the problems at hand: we went on an adventure.

Yes, we know how to have adventures, and yes, I am not afraid to admit that pursuing adventures is the most fun way to spend time.

It began like this: it was a Wednesday. We just came home from work, I pet the cat, sit down, talk with Steve, get frustrated about what happened during the day, he gets frustrated, and we commiserate in our absolute misery.

Then. He gets the idea for our adventure. It comes to him like a lightening bolt to a man with a steel rod in his hand. He says, "Let's go on a bike ride, Kay."

I look at him like a girl being rescued from the train tracks by some man on a horse and say "Let's do it." We then suit up appropriately for the ride, push off, and pedal through the neighborhood.

"This Spring day has a Fall Scent to it," one of us says.

"Yeah, funny how that happens," the other one of us lets out with a sigh.

Then something great happens. The sun sparkles on the water as we glide by it, the trees shake with the wind and the gravel beneath our tires makes the familiar crunching noise as we swerve through the path. We realize something: we are free. It may be for a few moments....but we are free. The sigh turns into a sigh of relief. We are so happy we could burst. We both are. We decide to celebrate with cheeseburgers.

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  1. "He gets the idea for our adventure. It comes to him like a lightening bolt to a man with a steel rod in his hand." Haha! I love you, KT!