Thursday, February 17, 2011


SO: the University of Iowa-the TOP writing program in the country-has summer weekend writing conferences that you can sign up for. This is incredibly awesome because I am writing a novel, and a conference like THAT could be really great.

Anyway-this is especially cool because maybe if I do a workshop like that, I'll be closer to publishing my novel. Once that baby gets published, I have all kinds of plans.

I was thinking, in particular, if I could do something really fun, and since I'd be meeting a lot of people while doing book signings and going to and fro in the vast lands of America while keeping up with my star-studded itineraries,and various charity-giving organizations I'd be affiliated with, I would eventually meet some pretty cool celebrities, like, let's say Jon Hamm and Mike Rowe. Then, perhaps, one of us might mention going on a roadtrip....oh, by the way-Mike Row is the guy from Dirty Jobs and Jon Hamm is the guy from Mad Men. I think we would have some pretty good conversations, I really do.

For example, Mike and I would talk all about having terrible jobs, and once in a while Jon Hamm would chuckle while he drove us around. We would either be in a Mercedes-Benz or a Ford Explorer....because Jon Hamm does the voiceovers for the luxury cars and Mike Rowe is the everyman guy for Ford. Then, at some point, someone would mention meeting up with Steve at one of those places mentioned in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and then we'd all talk about whatever is on our minds while eating delicious foods.

At some point, someone would naturally mention going camping together and we would all go camping, roasting marshmallows and coming up with ideas for my second book.

Anyway-that would be amazing, especially if it all happened because I went to that writer's conference.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm taking a time out to write something down.

I wonder how many people have been watching the Super Computer on Jeopardy the past two days. It freaks me out. WATSON, the IBM supercomputer, is kicking super butt.

This is just after the TIME magazine article on the projected oncoming of Singularity-a merging of people and machines, and the marking of the end of the human era (if I read this correctly).

I am terrified of all of this. But then again, I am writing about how terrifying it all is, using a computer. But at least, to the best of my knowledge, this computer is not able to outsmart me.

If you haven't read the article, or others like it, or if you haven't seen WATSON, I believe he is on again tonight, on Jeopardy.

I believe "he" has something close to 40,000 in winnings while the biggest Jeopardy winners in history are dwindling with scores like 2,000 points. Computers acting smarter than people.

I guess I'm worried about all this for a few different reasons: 1. It's all happening really fast, especially if you look at a time-line expressing the progression of technology. 2. I feel like change his hard, especially change that includes eradicating humanity as we know it.

Anyway-I probably didn't say too too much on the subject....but I wanted to say something: it's scary. It's really scary. I also read that if people try to stop it, it will just happen with underground movements. So we've got to "ride the wave" so to speak. The wave to doom? Hopefully not.

I guess this is sort of sordid and gloomy. Maybe I should think about happier topics. Valentine's day was this week, right? That's happy. I wonder what the computers think of Valentine's day.

I think that's all for now....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I really haven't been feeling well for a while. That's why I haven't been writing the past couple days. I've decided today that I will keep writing, though, even if I am still not feeling well. I don't want anyone to think I've stopped my blog :)

I'm going to try and get myself moving...I'm going to go bake some cookies.

I'll make a list of 5 reasons to bake cookies-

1. You can listen to music for an extended period of time and still be doing something constructive-that's always fun
2. You have an excuse to eat something sweet-you've got to taste test to be a good baker
3.A little time in the kitchen can amount to a nice gift for someone-anyone
4. The kitchen smells amazing for a long time
5. The more you bake cookies, the better you get at baking them, and the better you get, the more you want to bake them...

Here are some great song choices to listen to while baking-no particular order- the strokes-hard to explain cat stevens- wild world elliott smith-needle in the hay death cab for cutie-a lack of color james taylor-fire and rain

At least...unless you are in a different mood. These just kind of fit today anyway. For me.

Some topics I just might get to this week:
Time Magazine's article on Singularity...
The Super Computer on Jeopardy starting on Valentine's Day...
Valentine's Day...
Any old observation that just might be noticed...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Winter Time

"February Stars/Floating in the dark/Temporary Scars/February Stars" -Foo Fighters

It is so cold, and so dark, and so forboding this time of year. There hasn't been a holiday since Martin Luther King day, and not everybody even had off for that. Work weeks drag on and on and OH MY GOD on and on, but in the slowest possible way.

The faces on people seem to be missing pieces-like a sparkle in their eyes, or a dimple on their cheek. Grumpiness prevails. Even their face colors seem to have become light and wan. People walk around as though an invisible person had been following them around with an eraser that simultaneously leaves dark circles underneath their eyes.

Some fall straight asleep in their beds when they are finished with their work days...some take solace in food, and then get upset about that, too, because of all the new clothes they need to buy that they could fit into. Or, something like that, anyway.

It seems like almost everyone is off in a way....just staring off into the distance. What they expect to see in the distance? Even they cannot tell you. They just don't want to see what's in front of them for a little while, I guess.

Well, this being said, I'm doing the best I can to not get stuck in this quicksand of winter stop and stare off into the distance for a minute, and the next thing you know you are covered in sand and you can't get out...not even an arm. Or, something like that.

So, I want to try and spread some cheer. I am trying to make a little list of happy least...anything I can think of for today. 5 things.

This way, maybe, we'll be a little happier.

Here's a list of happiness. It's little, least it exists. It's better than a list of horror. Or a list of despair. OR...well...I'll just start now.

1. Wednesday's work day is pretty much over. Done. Ka-put. Nothing but a memory. Basically never happened. ENDED!
2. If it didn't get so cold out, there would be no reason to get under a million blankets and have hot chocolate or coffee.
3. If it didn't get so dark and dreary all the time, what would we have to look forward to?
4. Music exists.
5. The stars come out and light the night sky, even in February.

And, if that didn't make you happy....well, that's ok. I can at least leave you on this note-

Sometimes I get words mixed up and letters get switched around-but only because I read the words too fast. One time, when I was working at a grocery store, there was a box in the corner of the back room on a shelf.

"Jew Trapper", I thought it said.

"Jet Wrapper", it was.

So, I guess another thing to be happy about is correctly labeled boxes. Or, correctly read labels. Or...something like that.

Anyway, happy Wednesday....I hope you all have very fast workdays Thursday and Friday....and a long, slow you can sleep happily under the stars.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I like to make are a few of them.

Reasons Why my dog is awesome:

1. He's almost 11 months old and almost bigger than me. Pretty soon I'll be able to ride him to work and save on gas.

2. He is a GREAT listener. I can tell because sometimes he turns his head to the side like what I said was the most intriguing bit of the English language he has heard so far.

3. He snuggles all the time. This is important because I am freezing all the time and don't think I have very good circulation so he is a good substitute for the non-blood that I have coursing through my veins.

4. He will eat anything I don't want to finish.

5. He'll go on a walk any time, any where.

Reasons why my cat would not care if I called him awesome:

1. He does not care about words, so the word "awesome" wouldn't mean anything to him. If I put a water bowl in front of him instead, he would love that. He loves water.

2-5. He doesn't care....

Reasons why I go to the gym

1. SO I don't become one of those obese people that get stuck to their couches and their skin has to be surgically removed-I've heard of this happening.

2. So I don't have to get my foot cut off. I've heard stories.

3. So I can eat a cupcake and not become ten pounds heavier the next millisecond.

4. So I can think about eating a cupcake and not become ten pounds heavier the next millisecond.

5. So I can keep up with my mammoth-sized dog on our walks, so he stays around....I seriously need this dog to help warm me with these circulation problems of mine.

I could make lists about everything. If that were a job, I would take it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

7 months later....

Um....the first time I started this, I stopped and then didn't pick up again for three months. Now, it's been 7. Seven. SEVEN months. At this rate, the next time I stop, if I ever start again, will be a 14 months. A lot can happen in 14 months. A lot can happen in 7 months. A lot can happen in a day.

Well, I have an excuse (Of Course!)

I've been writing a novel.

I'm very far in this novel. Maybe I'll post some of it sometime. It's about giants and mountains and two-headed monsters who live under the sea and swamps and quicksand and avalanches and fire breathing turtles and....well I don't want to give too much away. At the very least I will say it's about some people who have to overcome some obstacles....and climb this mountain. But, no details. No specifics. Just this very blah overview. You'd like it I think.

I write a page a day-
I work out a mile a day-
I walk the dog an hour a day-

I bought these beautiful little notebooks to write ideas in-they are sooooo pretty.

Anyway. I wanted to write today mostly to announce my book to anyone who might like to read....

If you're wondering if I'm done, I'm far from it-BUT if you're more of a visual person, I'll give you an example of how far I am: If I were a sculptor making a giant elephant, I would be so far in my sculpture that you might think it is a giant dinosaur, or maybe an old man all hunched over, or maybe a rock with a face. That's how far I am.

On a side-note--I think I'm turning into a little old lady. I eat my dinner really early, get into my PJs and go to bed at an hour I don't even want to admit. I can't taste much due to my deviated septum...I can't ever hear anything and have to screech WHAAAATTT? All the time. All the time. SO maybe if I keep this up going to the gym and walking my dog and sipping my cafe latte while I write my blog I can zip myself back into a twenty something pretty young thing that I very well should be.....

My knees were about to develop a crick if I didn't start working out....I could feel it. Especially when the rains are a-comin'. OK this blog is starting to lose focus. I just wanted to add that. Because, oh yes, this is why I added it to begin with-maybe writing is a good thing in more ways than one?

Have a good night, all.