Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 miles

I just ranwalked 5 miles and am exhausted.

I don't know how anyone does it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Phone Bonanza

I've got a new phone
I've got a new phone
I've got a new phone

Is it ironic or simply amazing that I have had my phone for two days now and have only used it to call people twice yet have been using every other function on it a million zillion times?

They shouldn't even bother calling them phones anymore. They should just be called something like "Zing" or "Awesome".

Do you have your Awesome with you today, miss?

Anyway-got to go....

Many things to do on the new "phone"!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 95...just kidding.

Back from the weekend vacation!

Some quick lessons learned-

1. A little place called Casa Fiesta in Ohio...very, very near the Cedar Point Theme amazing. So amazing that my husband nearly walked into the kitchen after 4 dos equis beers to compliment the chef on the cooking.

2. Never, ever, EVER try to get to the exact weight limit on any ride. The result is terrifying. We definitely almost flew over the side of a 90 foot waterslide. Not the way I wanted to die, and I am very glad that it turned out the way it did in the end. I will spare you details so you don't have an almost-heart-attack as well.

3. Wooden rollercoasters are both nice and mean to you. They give a lot of those whooshy feelings but they also give you neck pains that flash foward you to your 85th year of life....or so I would imagine.

4. Long car rides are good on the way down and so, so tiring on the way back.

5. Being in "regular life" makes you want vacation. Being on the last day of vacation makes you want the next vacation.

6. There is nothing like an amusement park to remind you that the tattoo parlors of America are alive and kicking...(I have one, as well...but I'm just sayin'...)

7. There is nothing like a rollercoaster to remind you that you haven't been to church in a while.

8. When you are on a rollercoaster and your husband is sitting next to you saying "We're so high up...and not at the top yet...oh my God we're not at the top yet..." while you are closing your eyes and trying to quickly visualize an Indiana Jones-esque escape plan in case there is a glitch in the mechanics while closing your eyes and gripping the metal bars with all you've have to think that's the equivilent to running at least 2 miles at the gym and worthy of some elephant ears or funnel cake or whatever you call those delicious cakey treats.

9. I have realized that "'80s future"is the theme of many rollercoasters in various amusement parks I've been to...and I bet many people can visualize what I mean before I describe what I mean (you know...the flourescent colors, the specific font of writing....the inference that computers will be the next big thing...)

10. When you have that crick in your neck like you're 85 years old and have flash forwarded and have no idea how to solve it without taking an excedrin-do not take that pill directly before bed at 11 p.m. because you will not fall asleep until 2 a.m.....but on the bright side you'll have a rough sketch of what your future might hold, as well as your grandkids, friends, and anyone else who has ever spoken with you in the past ten might even grasp the meaning of life....and then you'll be so tired when you wake up at 8 a.m. after all that walking and realizing you still have that stupid crick that you will forget all of that....but you will remember not to take that excedrin at that time. It's a major no-no.

Thanks for listening, folks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Next Day

I am not lying-I just wrote almost an entire post and it somehow got deleted! I should have clicked the "Save Now" button. Now that sentence has been saved. That's good. Anyway it was just some jibber-jabber about how I actually made it through 4 miles today. I don't know how, but I won't question it. You'd think a body getting used to a life similar to that of a jello mold would have a crazy time on the treadmill....Well I won't lie, it IS a crazy time...but at least I am doing it.

That being said-and saved- I will admit I cannot post for the next few days, as I am going on vacation and will have no access to the internet. I mean...I am not going somewhere where the hermits live, I am going to Cedar Point for the first time, but I won't be able to get to a computer anyway.

I have figured out, however, that I have done enough "extra posts" at this point to be good until I get back....I will return to this writing business on Monday. Perhaps I will have some interesting stories to tell. Stories more interesting than equating myself to a jello mold.

Oh my look at the time-I'm late! I have to go do a few things...have a good day, all! (If there is anyone yet to call "all"!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 11

According to my "Half Marathon Training Guide" I have to run 3 miles and lift weights today. How am I supposed to accomplish such a feat? I will try, but just thinking about it makes my thighs hurt.

I also would like to complain about something-I have been working out and watching what I eat and I GAINED two pounds this week. What is up with this? My body is REALLY rebelling against being healthy. It doesn't know what to do with itself. These two months of eating right have really thrown it though a loop. My intestines are probably screaming, "WHERE IS MY BIG MAC? WHERE IS MY 3 POUNDS OF JUNK FOOD PER DAY??"

OH but I digress. Perhaps my body is just jiggling itself into shape somehow. I can only hope that by Fall I will have made SOME kind of progress with all this time, effort, and all out WORK I am putting into trying to eat right and exercise and "do the right thing" for my body now that it is 26 years old.

Anyway. I am procrastinating from housework again. My horoscope today told me that I have to just focus and do what I've got to do....sing it, sister. I realize this, but some things are far easier told to someone than done by that someone.

I know I have to exercise like I'm in some sort of prison and re-organize my furniture and clothes today but getting the motivation to actually do these things is proving to be quite difficult.

I would much rather walk around like a real housewife of Buffalo, NY than do anything "productive".

What would a real housewife of Buffalo, NY do, you might ask yourself (if you were a reader of this blog, persay)....

Well. She would sleep until around 9, watch the Today Show, take her dog on a walk, watch more t.v., update her blog, go out to lunch, walk around a little bit....

Maybe that's just me.

A real "housewife" of Buffalo would probably be on some kind of drinking binge by 11 a.m. and have a real problem with keeping her weight off because the food here is absolutely amazing.

Maybe that is my problem with being healthy! I love food too much. Oh it is so delicious.

Well, anyway, I guess I have digressed again.

My pets are attacking each other like dinosaurs, I should go.

Let's see how this "home improvement work out day" goes!

I think I'll begin with lunch.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 10 again

Steve is going to flip when he walks in today.

Today I forced myself to start the remodeling procedures for this house.

That means, I forced myself to battle the closet, and try to sort through what clothes we wear and what clothes I would not be able to fit in with the help of the mighty jaws of life.

The problem of the that I am having a hard time being motivated to do this task. I keep thinking: your summer vacation is slipping away are going to be SO mad at yourself when it is September and no home improvement project has been attempted...guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip blah blah blah....

....and now I have buried our bedroom in clothes.

I would rather give my bedroom a full out funeral than have to do anything more with these clothes. I just want to turn into Samantha from bewitched and snap my nose around and have this first floor remodeled so I can take a nap in peace.

This is only the first step. I am halfway through THE FIRST STEP. I still have to move all the stuff from the office that we're keeping in the basement, have the walls knocked down, re-paint and re-floor.

This is going to take a miracle...or something...maybe a half a miracle. I wouldn't want to waste a whole miracle on this...I just want to not have to think about these home improvements any more.

And of course I am procrastinating right now. It's 5:13 p.m. and my husband walks in at 5:30....possibly 6. Let's hope he doesn't notice the Volcano that is our bedroom.

Here's to crossing fingers!

Maybe I'll surf the internet for a minute or two before going back in there....I really, REALLY don't want to enter that place again. My God this is going to take 5 years. Ughhhh

Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 10 A few hours early...

SO I think I am going to run a half-marathon.

My friend is going to run on Oct. 3 and she sent me a training schedule. I told her if I make it through this week of training I will do it.

This is crazy!

I am also going to Bikram Yoga at 5:30 in the morning tomorrow. Am I insane?

I am really getting into this whole "working out" thing.

Who am I and what did I do with my junk food eating excuses making self???

Day Nine

I somehow ran 3 miles today and did not die.

I am trying to do these things every day, no matter what, so I know that I am trying my best to make the most out of each day:

1. Thank God for another day as I say hello to my family

2. Walk the dog-preferably at the dog park where he can splash and jump with other dogs

3. Exercise

4. Clean

5. Check up on friends/family/the news/you know la la la/do my writing on my internet space here....

As I was accomplishing #3 today, it occured to me that I would try for not one, but three miles. I am not exactly a runner. I counted running after kids in the hallway at work as part of my exercise routine before this. I have been trying to do these 5 things every day since I started has left me feeling more fulfilled. I just only can hope I can keep this up for a long time. It really makes me feel well-balanced.

Anyway I was looking on the internet today and seeing so many celebrities writing so many books about so many different things....they do not have PHds....many have little higher education experience whatsoever...they just KNOW people.

I am the opposite. I've had experience in higher education and yet don't "know" I am writing to myself on this little space.

But that's just fine. I can't seem to write a book anyway. I tried writing a book and got 85 pages in and gave up after I was too scared to create a villian. My husband read all 85 pages and said it was good but there was no conflict whatsoever. Oops! Then I lost the whole thing when my computer crashed. The great crash of '10. Perhaps it's for the better that some things happen....

Anyway, today's entry was very much all over the place....but I guess I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm finally getting things accomplished.....or, more accurately, finally recongizing that I am able to accomplish things. It is not a bad feeling.

Thanks for reading, if you have read any of this.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Eight

I woke up this morning looking like George Washington on a bad hair day.

The decision has been made not to go to the gym because my pants were danced straight off last night...and that HAS to equate to at least 5 miles of cardio.

I am currently taking a break from finding the 1,462 bobby pins hidden in my thickets of hair, comprising the flashy Washington look I sport.

I am in desperate need of a shower.

I don't think I'll even look in the scale's direction for at least a few days.

I love weddings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day Seven


I was in a coffee shop at dusk tonight with my husband.

I ordered a Green Tea, he ordered an Espresso.

There was a woman singing and playing folk music on the guitar, there were people sitting and sipping on various concoctions, while the sun sank behind houses, trees, and tall and short buildings surrounding us.

The coffee shop had different colored scarves and lamps with shades of red and purple and blue.

I noticed a newspaper abandoned at another table, I grabbed it, and we sat.

We talked, but I don't remember about what.

He was wearing his glasses and a button down shirt, I was wearing a dress. We had just come from a rehearsal dinner for our friends getting married.

All I kept thinking was how much I love being married to Steve, and how I could sit there forever with him.

I just want that moment to last a little longer, so I thought I'd write it out on it, like taking a picture.

I'm the only one who ever reads this, anyway.

But if I have a reader...hope you weren't too grossed out. I just love him.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Six...a few minutes early

So, there are so many things I could write about right about now.

I am choosing to let you ( and by you I most likely mean myself because I am still the only one reading this) in on a little secret. I am FINALLY starting to eat the right way and work out and I am loving it!

I have been struggling my whole life with eating the right way. In fact, I believe I was addicted to junk food at one point.

Exhibit (A): A Timeline of Food in a Typical day before June 1, 2010

Drive to Dunkin' Donuts and get a breakfast bagel sandwich and a coffee

Eat all of the junk food within reach (and that's a lot when you give gifts of sugar to reward kids in English Class review games

Get a candy bar from the vending machine if I'm staying late-which is a lot

Go home and eat anything from the cupboards-like, for example, some cookies or something

Stop at Wendy's on the way home-Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, baby

Eat dinner-whatever, wherever

Go somewhere for Dessert-because I've "earned" it....

Holy Cannoli people....I thank my lucky stars my start weight was not close to a blimp's when fully blown up!

I really just want to be healthy...and I think you all can agree (or maybe just myself because that is still all who is reading this)...this was the best decision. And I'm stickin' by it.

And it's working. So far I've actually lost a few pounds....and feel better, too. AND have more energy. Success! :)

Thanks for reading!

Day Five Part 3

After a quick trip to Target to get a helmet for my husband (for biking), I have many things on my mind.

#1 Who exactly was that seemingly 95 year old woman who passed by us several times with a cart full of Fancy Feast?

#2 Why is it that any time I walk past any magazine I automatically want to buy it? My husband calls me "The consumer." I think this is quite a hefty title, but I will take it. He also calls me this while I walk past semi-organized end-caps, chocolate, any form of candy, and anything bright and shiny in general.

#3 I love any place where I can get anything I could ever dream of in one spot. Including a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte on Ice. Yum.

#4 I am not as superficial as I seem in this post. I swear.

Quick Thought-also during Day 5

I saw on t.v. a person who said it is best to wear clothes that fit your mood.

I couldn't find anything that fit my body right today, let alone my mood, so I chose black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Does this mean I feel like a black and white/half moon cookie?

Only time will tell.

I am hungry now, though.


Day Five

So-I have decided I really like blogging. It reminds me of writing in a diary, only the audience is different. Well...actually to be truthful the audience is very similar to a diary right now because I have absolutely no fans. This means that really, no one is reading this except for myself. is still fun because I may GET fans.

You never really want that with a least I don't think.

Anyway, I am liking this blogging thing a lot because

#1 I never thought I'd have the time for this, but, I read in a magazine you have to MAKE time for things like working out, like you pretend you have a meeting for I thought I would MAKE time for a blog.

#2 The time I have arranged to "make" for my blog is precisely the time slot RIGHT BEFORE the time I have "made" for my "meeting" at the gym. So...I am essentially procrastinating the work out time that I have made up in my schedule.

#3 I have realized that it is easy to "make time" in any schedule. As long as it is summer vacation. I have a distinct feeling that if I am "making time" in the school year it will be at 4 a.m. in the dark of night...but it will be fun. I'll become addicted to coffee or something. I will feel like I'm in a movie.

#4 I just like writing...and it's fun to think someone might actually think it's fun to read this.

Well, I am off clean my house, walk the dog and go to the gym!

Thanks for reading!

Day Four

OK So Day Four was not the next consecutive day, but that was because our puppy chewed through the power cord for the laptop. Not that I am into making excuses, but I really had no way of accessing the internet yesterday, especially as I had no time to go to the Apple store for a power cord. Not to mention that cord cost $80 to replace! I did have some reservations about replacing it, as well, seeing as my computer has been dropped more times than I'd like to publicly declare and it makes horrendous noises for the first 20 seconds after opening it, but, I really am not in the market for a new computer at this time, and this one is still functional, so I decided to suck it up and buy the new power cord.

I guess most of my financial philosophy is to save money, and get nice, new appliances/whatever needs to be replaced when there is really no hope of salvation for that old thing that has died. That way, I have some really nice new things, and some things that are just living until they die and happen to be very very old and beat-up. But...this way I am not being excessive/wasting money and I have what I need and what I want. I wonder if any of that made sense.

I am a rationalizer. Everything makes sense to me.

So I got that new power cord is the bottom line. And now I can type on this space of internet once again! Hooray!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Three

Well, it is Summer Vacation. This means my plan for the day involves waking up (check), taking the dog on an hour and a half long walk (hopefully), heading to the gym for an hour, seeing my husband during lunch hour-we will probably snack and watch t.v. (hopefully), placing all of our clothes into two piles (the ones we wear which will consist of about three pieces and the ones we do not which will go to the ceiling) so I can head to Goodwill and give them away, make a few phone calls, go to Rochester to see my Dad get an award, go to dinner with my friend Carrie, and then back home to Buffalo again. Quite a plan indeed. We'll see how this goes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Two

Day Two of posting is happening now, nearly three months after Day One of posting. I would like to try to make this a daily habit, as of now. Right now. I actually was going to throw away the entire prospect of a blog when I realized, for the past three months, in the back of my mind, during almost every single waking moment I had I kept thinking: "Now, this would be something to write about."

Perhaps I was afraid of scaring off readers with badly written blog entries and that is why there is such a large gap between entry dates. That fear stopped abruptly when I realized today that I have no readers. I also realized, maybe when I do get readers they will even like my badly written entries? Who knows? The world is a funny place. So...without wasting any more I go.

I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I am astonished at how often irony plays into real life. I mean-as I sit and type this first-second entry in a very long time (I could have lost twenty pounds in the amount of time I spent not blogging), I am bombarded by a purring two-year old striped cat-my cat-named Murray. Of course I am at the computer a lot, as almost everyone is-but when I sit down to do something I've been thinking about doing for literally MONTHS, the cat comes up and rubs his head all over the keys of the laptop, then the screen, then my hands....and I never want to push away a purring cat. I mean, if he were biting me, no problem. But purring? That's just cruel.

Anyway that reminds me of something that happened about four days ago. I have this thing about facing fears. I mean a HUGE thing. If I feel afraid of something, I've just got to face it, and it's a really good experience, I recommend it to anyone. For example, I went bungee-jumping, rode a horse for an hour, traveled to Europe over a large body of water also known as the Atlantic Ocean, went "surfing", I even got a small tattoo beneath my shoulderblade, just to face a fear of needles.

This actually leads me once again to what happened four days ago. I still have a slight fear of needles, but it's mostly when those needles have the very specific purpose of sucking blood out of a vein that pops out of you while a string is tightly wound to your arm and all of the skin puffs up while viles of that blood fill up one by one. It might be a little specific, but it's a fear.

I guess so far you may have gathered two very big things while reading this: I get a afraid of things, and I somehow make myself get over that fear, even if it's just for a few moments.

Well...I went for a routine checkup, because, I believe if you have to take your car in for oil changes and your pets to the vet and check up on your furnace and wash your clothes and WHATEVER, you should probably also go for a checkup or two every once in a while. So, I was at the checkup and the doctor said I was healthy and as she was escorting me to the spot to pay for my visit she mentioned casually she wanted my blood to be checked because my parents have high cholesterol.

Rather than question her about it I decided to take this sentence as a mature young adult and simply stated, "But I thought you said I was healthy."

She then retorted (and yes I want to use the word retorted because that's just what she did, she spat these words at me as though I were nothing but a walking talking thing with blood inside of it just waiting for her to analyze) "You are. This is just a routine check."


So....I went. I had to-the only reason not to go would be to avoid it because I was scared, and I thought that was not a reason at all to avoid something. It should be more like "I was scared BECAUSE...." For example: "I was scared to swim in that swimming hole because baby beluga lurks there and contrary to prior belief baby beluga has man-eating tendencies he can't control, and it is surely awake at this hour." My excuse for not getting blood drawn would not make any sense at all. It would be, "I can't because I'm scared because I'm scared." See? No real reason.

So here I am, at this place to get my blood sucked out of me into vile after vile. Five viles, actually. Five is normally my favorite number. Not that day.

After waiting in the waiting room for what felt like five hours but was in fact more like 34 minutes, I was summoned into a small white room with a nurse inside. I sat down. I started right away explaining myself-just in case I-on accident of course- died of fear.

My mind focused on a little anecdote my younger sister the RN had given me-without any names of course-about a young woman who had given birth and lost so much blood that when they went to put an IV in her arm her blood looked like water. My mind then flashed to the concept that had popped into my mind days earlier that whoever my nurse was could in fact be an evil mad scientist intent on taking 40 viles instead of 5 just for the heck of it. Then my mind flashed back to the present and I was ready to speak. I was already beginning to feel dizzy.

Once I explained my fear of the needles taking my blood from me the nurse said in a very calm voice this was common, and she took me into a room with a humungus recliner. This was certainly a one-size-fits-all recliner and I noted how it had plenty of room to drain a huge person of blood, which would back up the mad scientist idea that scared me so but then I just ignored it and thought about how I have to face my fear, I am being ridiculous and I just sat down.

I began to feel my face lift a shade, as though a little man had decided to paint it the kind of white you see on a mime. It just happened all at once. I looked like a mime. I acted like one too because it was hard for me to say anything once my eyes focused on all the empty viles, and of course the needle sitting in the nurse's hand, ready to pop right into my fresh, soft skin (definitely soft as I had not been to the gym in all those weeks I had not been blogging).

So....I asked about my options. She explained I could leave if I wanted. I asked if this was common as I was about to get up and she said it's never happened before. Then I pushed my bottom back to it's previous spot on the big blue seat. She said "people like you" meaning me or the people who are terrified of needles sucking blood out of them only to have that blood placed in vile after vile do not even get so far as the blood-taking place. She said she would only do this if I promised to keep my arm still. I told her no problem.

I stuck my arm out and immediately that little blue string thing was too tight. The turnekit or whatever it is called. I do not even want to bother backspacing into that word to study it and re-spell it correctly because frankly it freaks me out.

She then re-did the string thing and I looked away. She asked if I wanted her to tell me when she was going to stick it in and I said no, I would be able to figure out when it was coming but thanks anyway. Then she did it and immediately the little white room I was in turned black. She saw my face wobble a little and started talking to me about the weather. Which actually helped. It was done in about a minute. I laid on big blue for about ten more minutes. Thank God that was over.

When my eyesight was fully regained I walked on over to that nurse and thanked her for her kindness. I then told her I would always come to her when I needed blood taken out of me. Her face gave away the fact this wasn't entirely a great thing for her, but she did say I could come any time. (Which, let us be honest, is not an invite I would like to take her up on, though I know for sure I'd be able to handle another blood taking as I call it "like a champ" if I do say so myself).

Anyway, the reason why I mentioned this whole thing that happened four days ago is because of that irony I was talking about before. See, when the nurse was explaining that I didn't have to go through with this, she said when her doctor tells her to go in for a routine blood test, she just doesn't go. The blood tester does not go to blood tests. So ironic!

Well, on that note, I have been writing for a while, and I think that's all for today. Thanks for reading.