Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi, Everybody.

I have another poem for you this week. I wrote it fairly recently. I hope you like it.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.


The book spilled open on the blanket
underneath the willow tree
pages pushing through the wind
now speeding to page 53

Words falling into the breeze
for a moment all sentences mix
but the book slams shut the next instant
as the picnicker comes back to sit

In the distance he hears the ocean
The wave song now lulls him to sleep - 
He's dreaming of days gone past;
Dreams never were his to keep.

He wakes up and blinks at the twilight
The breeze lulls him back to the car
He picks up his book and his blanket
And drives beneath gallons of stars

Driving home he feels a bit better
from his day spent reading, alone
The sun has set now, off yonder
And his heart, it pulls to be home

The breeze gently pushes his bumper
The moon calls his name o're the bend
 Book bindings squish words in the backseat
And the stars light his way home again.