Saturday, January 7, 2012

When do people stop saying how old their babies are in months?

I once met a person who told me her child was 43 months old. 

I still don't know how old her kid was.

I am thinking after a year? Or, you might say "A year and two months"....or something?

It is 4:30 in the morning....I woke up at 3 to feed Corinne....but we both slept for 7 hours! It was great! We went to sleep at 8 pm....then she was up for about an hour while I fed, changed, burped, changed, fed, burped, swaddled, rocked her, fake fell asleep while I rocked to try and trick her into sleeping, delightfully realized it either worked or she was just still super tired and then put her back to bed. 

Then, I checked some email, had the feeling it was September, realized it wasn't September, and then thought..."I should go back to bed."

And then I thought, "I'm totally going to write in my blog first."

And then I did.

And that is the story of my last hour and a half.

Before I go - just wanted to thank the "fans" for all comments! I really appreciate them! You guys are the greatest! ;)

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