Saturday, January 28, 2012

There once was a family who lived in a small, yet very comfortable house. There was a husband, who liked to play saxophone and had a keen interest in miniatures. There was a wife, who liked to dance in the kitchen and write down ideas she would think about, just for fun. And there was a baby girl, who liked to sleep in her mother and father's arms, and would sing if her parents, or her grandmother, or anyone else, for that matter, would sing.

They all disliked things, as well. For instance, the husband and father, he did not like when towels were folded in an asymmetrical way. And the mother and wife, she did not like when the cat would throw up. And the baby didn't like when the mother and father tried to clear out her nose with the little white bulb-thing with the pointy tube. She didn't like that one bit.

But despite all these things, the family lived together, and laughed together, and cried together, and leaned on each other, because they loved each other. And people who love do all of these things.

So, one day, it was a very snowy day, the family was cuddled up inside of the house.

The Grandpa came to the house with a box of donuts from the local baker. "Try this!" he said with a grin. "A cinnamin donut, right out of the oven!" 

There was no argument there. The donut was eaten, within one minute and thirty seconds.

"Delicious," the mother said.

"Delicious," the father said.

"Zzz", the baby said, for she was asleep in her mother's arms. She also smiled in her sleep, for this was one of her favorite activities.

After the donut was eaten, discussed, and decidedly enjoyed by all in the room, it was time to get down to business.

The drier was broken. 

For things in this little house seem to break often. And it is often a puzzling thing, to find out how they can be fixed.

So the father and the grandpa went into the basement and found there was a piece to the drier that needed replacing.

And off they went.

And the mother and wife wrote down what had happened, because that is what she liked to do, sometimes, for fun. 

And now she's written an entry for her blog in a different way, which is something she had been longing to experiment with.

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