Saturday, August 13, 2011

I chose this picture because it reminds me of my garden. There are a lot of orange flowers in it. I was just doing dishes and there's a window above my sink and I can see it from I just wanted to include it in the post.

I got up early today. I didn't sleep much. I kept getting up to head to the ladies room and it was impossible to get back to sleep again. I'm not complaining, though, I wasn't the only one moving. Babe was kicking for most of the night, it was great. Of course, they say the baby has developed sleep patterns by this means the baby will just kick a lot when he or she sleeps ;)

The cat thinks he's an alleycat now that it's summertime and he goes outside. He meows underneath our windows at 1 a.m. if we let him out before bed. He has a loud meow, too. I don't mind him thinking he's an alleycat, but I do mind him meowing as loudly as possible in the middle of the night. Not cool.

Steve put up pictures of the baby's ultrasounds this week. I might post on here as well, but I am not sure if that would be redundant. Babe is camera-shy after all. When the sonogram woman tried to get a picture of the baby's face, the baby turned away. Each time. So we got some profile pictures instead :)

I know that it could be a boy or a girl, but lately I think it's a girl. I might change my mind, though. Steve thinks it's a girl, too. Babe has a high heartbeat, and I did this thing I saw on Ellen where you dangle your wedding ring on a string and see what direction it turns in and that should tell you if it's a boy or a girl. We also heard someone shout "It's a girl!" from a few aisles away in Target when we first found out I was pregnant and we were walking through the baby aisle talking about the possibilities. But, it could certainly be a boy of course. Either way, Steve and I can't wait to meet babe in person (although we have met in kicks a lot so far).

I think Babe loves the sound of Steve's voice. When he talks to my belly, babe kicks and kicks, just like when I eat chocolate or something sweet. Steve's voice is as sweet as chocolate to the baby :) I love that.

We are making progress on the baby's room. We are making progress on everything, and that makes me very happy. There is sort of a lull for the rest of August, but September should be pretty busy. Baby showers and baby classes and finishing up the room, oh my!

SPEAKING of baby showers, my Mom in law showed me this website the other day. My goodness!|08-11-2011| She sent it to us saying "Which cake does Katie want?" I think there should have been a rated R warning. It should be an INTERESTING day in a couple of months....

I did have another doctor's appointment this week. So far, all is well!! :) The baby is 3 pounds. I can't believe 3 pounds of my body is a little baby, with me wherever I go. It makes me so happy I could cry.

My horoscope said I'll probably cry at the drop of a hat today. I wonder if it knows I'm pregnant? ;)

Anyway - the topic is probably to change, because I got up and then came back down again to sit. I woke up early today (I actually like to do that on the weekends, I'm strange, I know)...and I've been baking chocolate chip cookies. It has been a cooler morning and I wanted to bake more cookies because it relaxes me. I figure this batch can go to whoever I see today. The batch I made a few weeks ago went to some friends and work, the one I made last week went to my side of the family, and I think this week I'll give it to Steve's side of the family (who I see, anyway) and whatever friends I might bump into.

Anyway, now I'm thinking about work. I kept getting distracted yesterday and thinking about the most random things. Of course, I think I have a serious case of "Baby Brain"...though I probably shouldn't blame it on the baby. I'm flighty to begin with! I put syran wrap in the fridge yesterday. Apparently everything I touch must go in the fridge. Unless it actually goes in the fridge, then it should go in the cupboards. Because that is how I have been putting things away lately. More often than I would like to admit!

So, I was drinking some Aquafina, and the label said the company had something to do with "Clinton's Ditch"....does this mean the water came from a ditch? Maybe I should have just drank from the tap! Anyway....I was just wondering about that. Of course, there is an entire internet I can scan through to see if that even means anything, but I'd rather be ignorant about it for now, because I just drank it yesterday, and I don't want to know at this time.

I just trusted it. I trust things from vending machines but I don't trust the weatherman. Is that weird? I trust things without brains and the ones with brains I'm leary of. Eh...I guess I'm leary of lions and they have brains. OK I'm running off on tangents.

But while I am running off on tangents, I finally found a website where it shows volunteering opportunities locally! I love that if you ask for something, somehow it has a way of showing up in one way or another. I once had no pencils left while I was teaching in the city, and I looked up and said out loud that I really needed pencils, and I had 50 by the end of the day. 50. It was amazing.

Then, the other day, I said, I really want to volunteer but don't know how to find opportunities. I then really had the urge to buy an Oprah magazine (because I love Oprah very much) and she had a website posted! It's amazing! It's called and I think you should check it out. I've already found about 5 things I want to get involved with.

If I become a famous writer I definitely want to involve myself with charities. I want to involve myself with volunteering as much as I can before that as well. I think charity begins at home, though, so even just hanging out with my family and friends I think is a good way to spend time. But, I do want to give more, just because I really want to, and it's important.

I should go. My cookies are almost done. And I'm going to walk the dog soon in the park. I hope whoever is reading this has a really good day. It is Saturday, and hopefully it's a good one for you guys.

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