Thursday, August 4, 2011

A miracle is looking up at a night full of stars and feeling at peace after a long, long day.

A miracle is the sun coming in through the windows when you first wake up in the morning, no matter how grumpy you are.

A miracle is a little girl being adopted to a loving family who will love her and love her and love her.

A miracle is a baby kicking his or her mama, at any little time.

A miracle is a person who was really sad whistling one day, singing the next, and cooking and tapping his toes the next.

A miracle is a moment you didn't think you could have - so I count facing my fears and getting bloodwork done a miracle.

A family getting together in the middle of the summer for Thanksgiving is a miracle to me.

A brother helping out his family to rebuild their homes is a miracle.

A mother getting better after a painful surgery is a miracle.

A baby whose upset tummy is soothed is a miracle.

Having a job and a house with a fixed up roof and some kooky pets is a miracle.

A garden that makes a big fat zucchini appear is a miracle.

A person taking a small moment to say a prayer for someone else, is a miracle.

People who listen to each other to understand each other count as two or three miracles at once.

A song is a miracle.

A lonely loved one who isn't lonely for a little while, is a miracle.

Maybe the more we recognize something for what it is, it will happen more? Maybe there will be more peace and happiness if more of us say something about how great peace and happiness are?

Just wondering.

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