Friday, September 16, 2011

I was reading over the last few entries of this blog and I realized: I refer to the home I live in as "cozy" and "little". This is because it is literally getting smaller and smaller! As the baby's room is still not complete, and we are compiling more and more very useful things for babe...our house is beginning to look like hoarders! Or "baby hoarders" or "hoarders who are still babies but will soon grow up to be official hoarders but hopefully they will not because the baby room will get completed before then and there will be space to put all that stuff."
It is becoming an obstacle course to get through, much like you might see on early '90s shows on Nickelodean, like "Adventures of the Hidden Temple" or "Gladiators" order to get through the living room, for example, you must strategize how to hop over a box of diapers and duck underneath the stack of books, linens and high chair piled on top of one another...and make it out alive.

SO it's not that bad but it's almost there. It is the house of baby hoarders! Ahh! Sounds fitting in so many ways. Anyway. I just had to write this.

I had time again to write this morning because I had to bring Steve to work in early and I'm eating my cereal and I thought - there is definitely time to write something....if I don't write now, I probably won't write today, because I am so tired I think I'm going to fall into bed after work today. If I don't do that, however, I think it'd be a cool night to have the fire pit going. We'll see. Or, you know, I could try and organize the stuff for babe - although I have tried this and it is quite difficult when there is nowhere to put anything. We'll see. I've never been good at math, but I have a pretty good imagination, so we can see where that takes us. It could go from "Hoarders" to "Those people with the most neatly organized piles of baby things all throughout the house, it would be too harsh to call them hoarders anymore."

The plan is to get a ton of stuff done on the room on Sunday. Yes, I know I keep saying "The plan is..." and then I follow it up with "well we never finished and the room still isn't done." But. I have to believe that this room will be finished before the end of September. If I don't believe that, then....I don't even know what, but it's not fun, it's like in Indiana Jones in my favorite one where he has to walk across that pit on the invisible walkway and he just has to believe....I have to do that. I am just like Indiana Jones, you see.

Anyway - I don't even plan on putting the babe in the baby room right away, I just want babe's stuff to be safely and neatly organized in the room so that when it is time babe has a comfortable and nice place to go - and there really is nowhere else to put babe's things, and babe needs to have certain things and deserves a good room.

I'm doing it again. I'm obsessing about the room. They say it is nesting, I hear. If I were a bird I'd have about 7 nests built by now. Mama birds are allowed to do construction on their own nests. I wish I could do the dry wall and paint, and lift up heavy things, I would definitely do it all. For now all I can do is be really annoying and say things like "I hope this room gets done soon" and "Oh my look at all these beautiful things just lined up in the house ready to be put somewhere...where could they go? Oh yes, a room would be nice." Sunday, Sunday Sunday. I am keeping my eye on the prize.

Well since I should really stop talking about that, I will talk about something else. Let's see. Oh yes. My neighbors two streets away finally have their halloween decorations outside back in season! Hooray to them! They did it! Their ghosts and ghouls are even whiter because of all that sun they took in this year - making them especially spooky. Kudos to them, they win! They're even earlier than the rest of us. Sometimes, life just helps you out. Even if all it did was pass through a few seasons.

I also wanted to say that I'm very much looking forward to lunch at work today. We're having tacos in honor of Mexican Independence Day. I am all for food and Independence. I think it's a great idea.

I am hoping it's another "Good food day". I had one yesterday, and it was absolutely fantastic. I woke up and had a nice bowl of cereal, then later a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce for lunch, and a choco taco at work for Ice Cream Thursday, and then I had lots of yummy salad food at the baby shower, and then cake! That was a good food day.

Bad food days are not so fun, but you just have to get through them sometimes. Those are the days when there is nothing to eat but a leftover from two days ago, or you're sick and can't eat anything but chew on ice...those are really not so great.

Anyway I'm definitely going off tangent here. But I do want to say one more time that I had a great time at the Buffalo baby shower, and I am so excited - six weeks left!!

I'll have to keep you posted!

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