Monday, September 19, 2011

I have become a Giant. I have always wanted giants to exist so one of them could hold me in his hand and we could walk around, but now I am the giant. I also feel like a kangaroo, only less bouncy. Well, kind of bouncy. Let's just say I am bouncy in places.

It's all for a good cause, though :) Getting fat for a cause! Not bad, not bad. It'll be interesting to see how this extra weight will leave my body - but I have a feeling that sleepless nights might help.

I love feeling the baby move. The baby has moved a lot so far today. I don't even care that I can't really breathe anymore because my lungs are squished to oblivian and my allergies have taken me over and I can't take any medication...I just want babe to be happy.

The doctor said I could take benedryl for these allergies, especially as no other medication works and I feel like I constantly have a brick on my face. I tried, but I was out of it for two full days. A zombie with a belly is a very crazy combination. You get off balance easily and whatever brain you have left that the baby didn't eat the meds take over and it's like your in a cloud for two days, then you come out of it and you're really tired because any sleep you did get didn't count for some reason and you need another two days to recover and you don't even remember what happened in those lost two days. It's like one of those hangover movies only I came out of it with my teeth still in my mouth, which is good at least.

So Steve and I have been working and been busy non-stop. We have a goal in mind: To get the house ready for the baby by September 28, which is exactly one month before the Due Date. Can we do it? Well, I look to my fellow humankind. If you can believe it you can achieve it. I think of Snooki - she wanted to be famous, she believed it, and BAM! Look what happened. I can say something about Snooki in this little blog and you know exactly what poofy haired girl I am speaking of. Take, also, J.K. Rowling. Girl had a baby and not too much money and bam! She believed she could write about Harry Potter and be a big writer and she did it. So, I, too, shall believe and achieve. I, too, will set my final goal at September 28 and will work toward the result of babyifying this house by that time. You heard it people- we have a week and a half.

Here's some things that got done the past week or two:

-Baby Showers! It was great to see everyone!
-Thank You Notes! Those I am finishing tonight. Because I can believe I can achieve. Yep that is right.
-Taking all of the hoarder clutter and organizing it! Now the next step is washing the baby clothes, moving the last few boxes of things from the old office and moving the toys up into it so that room gets transformed into the Play Room. I believe I can achieve. I swear. My mini-goal is to do this tomorrow.
-Painting the furniture (Steve has been working on this. He's got like one more coat on a drawer of the dresser and the side of the dresser, which he proclaims will be done tomorrow. He's at class for work until 8:30 tonight so there is no way that is getting done tonight, but I know he can get that furniture done tomorrow.
-Now from Wed-Wed we have critical components to the "Babyify the house by Sept. 28 Plan". I'm not even gonna mention the P word. Everytime I have it doesn't happen. So let's just say, oh miracle of miracles, maybe on Wed. or Thurs. something will happen to make the room change color. (If you are wondering why the room has not been painted for four months, just know that so many complications have risen up that I can only just say this is a test of patience that is training me to be a monk, or, more appropriately in size matters, sumo wrestler).
-Steve is going to put in the new floor
-We also have to put the decal up, add the furniture, and the freshly washed clothes
We have a critical time frame of working from now through Thursday.
Friday Steve and I are leaving for Rochester to celebrate our two year anniversary early in Rochester at dinner and then go to my nephews' birthday party.
Sunday we drop off his dad at the airport for vacation and BAM! Back to work Mon-Wed.
If all goes to plan and the house is babyified by Wed, Oct. 28 I will be the happiest person ever. I do not have to win the lottery because I will have felt what it feels like already, if this happens. We shall see. I'm keeping my eye on the prize. Like Rocky. Like Indiana Jones. Like Snooki.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, that might be a good thing. That might mean we're on track with this goal. I hope to post a very happy post on Sept. 28.

OK I've written long enough. It's Thank-you note time.

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