Saturday, February 11, 2012

I like to take on challenges. I'm going to voluntarily take on a challenge or two this year. First up: I'm attempting to be a better blogger. I'm writing an entry every day for 100 days. 100 days, I said.

Day 1 of my 100 day challenge.

If I were the Queen of the world, I have a top ten list of things I would do (but I'd probably do some other things, too, because....I'd be Queen of the world).

In no particular order - my world as Queen:

10. I would make giant corporations my little bitch. (This means I would not allow them to crush the souls of the common man any longer!)
9. I would turn fast food places into roller skating rinks.
8. I would hold humungous charity-related events like field days and amazing races - all the time.
7. There would be a 3-4 day workweek. Max.
6. All student loans would be forgiven. Nothing owed. Only awesomeness would prevail.
5. I'd kindly ask everyone to do the following and see how they feel after: Please read Ender's Game, please listen to the Arcade Fire album, "The Suburbs", and please bake some cookies sometime and don't even try to not eat the dough. Just eat it with no guilt. Oh that is making me hungry just writing that. 
4. I would see if we could all hold hands around the whole world at once. Just because I'd be Queen of the world and could decree such a thing.
3. I would ask for bowling matches to take the place of wars, or at least for that to be tried sometime. Seems like a better option. And no one would be allowed to throw bowling balls at other people. But you can drink beer. And you can also sing karaoke. You can even Bowloake. 
2. I'd give incentives for people to eat better and work out - like instead of simply purchasing lotto tickets you can have your name in drawings if you run marathons or something fun like that.
1. I'd make footie pajamas into a fashion statement. Just because jammies are the most awesome.


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