Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I like to make lists....here are a few of them.

Reasons Why my dog is awesome:

1. He's almost 11 months old and almost bigger than me. Pretty soon I'll be able to ride him to work and save on gas.

2. He is a GREAT listener. I can tell because sometimes he turns his head to the side like what I said was the most intriguing bit of the English language he has heard so far.

3. He snuggles all the time. This is important because I am freezing all the time and don't think I have very good circulation so he is a good substitute for the non-blood that I have coursing through my veins.

4. He will eat anything I don't want to finish.

5. He'll go on a walk any time, any where.

Reasons why my cat would not care if I called him awesome:

1. He does not care about words, so the word "awesome" wouldn't mean anything to him. If I put a water bowl in front of him instead, he would love that. He loves water.

2-5. He doesn't care....

Reasons why I go to the gym

1. SO I don't become one of those obese people that get stuck to their couches and their skin has to be surgically removed-I've heard of this happening.

2. So I don't have to get my foot cut off. I've heard stories.

3. So I can eat a cupcake and not become ten pounds heavier the next millisecond.

4. So I can think about eating a cupcake and not become ten pounds heavier the next millisecond.

5. So I can keep up with my mammoth-sized dog on our walks, so he stays around....I seriously need this dog to help warm me with these circulation problems of mine.

I could make lists about everything. If that were a job, I would take it.

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