Monday, February 7, 2011

7 months later....

Um....the first time I started this, I stopped and then didn't pick up again for three months. Now, it's been 7. Seven. SEVEN months. At this rate, the next time I stop, if I ever start again, will be a 14 months. A lot can happen in 14 months. A lot can happen in 7 months. A lot can happen in a day.

Well, I have an excuse (Of Course!)

I've been writing a novel.

I'm very far in this novel. Maybe I'll post some of it sometime. It's about giants and mountains and two-headed monsters who live under the sea and swamps and quicksand and avalanches and fire breathing turtles and....well I don't want to give too much away. At the very least I will say it's about some people who have to overcome some obstacles....and climb this mountain. But, no details. No specifics. Just this very blah overview. You'd like it I think.

I write a page a day-
I work out a mile a day-
I walk the dog an hour a day-

I bought these beautiful little notebooks to write ideas in-they are sooooo pretty.

Anyway. I wanted to write today mostly to announce my book to anyone who might like to read....

If you're wondering if I'm done, I'm far from it-BUT if you're more of a visual person, I'll give you an example of how far I am: If I were a sculptor making a giant elephant, I would be so far in my sculpture that you might think it is a giant dinosaur, or maybe an old man all hunched over, or maybe a rock with a face. That's how far I am.

On a side-note--I think I'm turning into a little old lady. I eat my dinner really early, get into my PJs and go to bed at an hour I don't even want to admit. I can't taste much due to my deviated septum...I can't ever hear anything and have to screech WHAAAATTT? All the time. All the time. SO maybe if I keep this up going to the gym and walking my dog and sipping my cafe latte while I write my blog I can zip myself back into a twenty something pretty young thing that I very well should be.....

My knees were about to develop a crick if I didn't start working out....I could feel it. Especially when the rains are a-comin'. OK this blog is starting to lose focus. I just wanted to add that. Because, oh yes, this is why I added it to begin with-maybe writing is a good thing in more ways than one?

Have a good night, all.

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  1. Ohhhh, I want to read that!

    And I'm old too. I had to stay up until 10:00 last night to wait for Austin. That's way past my bedtime!