Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the Winter Time

"February Stars/Floating in the dark/Temporary Scars/February Stars" -Foo Fighters

It is so cold, and so dark, and so forboding this time of year. There hasn't been a holiday since Martin Luther King day, and not everybody even had off for that. Work weeks drag on and on and OH MY GOD on and on, but in the slowest possible way.

The faces on people seem to be missing pieces-like a sparkle in their eyes, or a dimple on their cheek. Grumpiness prevails. Even their face colors seem to have become light and wan. People walk around as though an invisible person had been following them around with an eraser that simultaneously leaves dark circles underneath their eyes.

Some fall straight asleep in their beds when they are finished with their work days...some take solace in food, and then get upset about that, too, because of all the new clothes they need to buy that they could fit into. Or, something like that, anyway.

It seems like almost everyone is off in a way....just staring off into the distance. What they expect to see in the distance? Even they cannot tell you. They just don't want to see what's in front of them for a little while, I guess.

Well, this being said, I'm doing the best I can to not get stuck in this quicksand of winter stop and stare off into the distance for a minute, and the next thing you know you are covered in sand and you can't get out...not even an arm. Or, something like that.

So, I want to try and spread some cheer. I am trying to make a little list of happy least...anything I can think of for today. 5 things.

This way, maybe, we'll be a little happier.

Here's a list of happiness. It's little, least it exists. It's better than a list of horror. Or a list of despair. OR...well...I'll just start now.

1. Wednesday's work day is pretty much over. Done. Ka-put. Nothing but a memory. Basically never happened. ENDED!
2. If it didn't get so cold out, there would be no reason to get under a million blankets and have hot chocolate or coffee.
3. If it didn't get so dark and dreary all the time, what would we have to look forward to?
4. Music exists.
5. The stars come out and light the night sky, even in February.

And, if that didn't make you happy....well, that's ok. I can at least leave you on this note-

Sometimes I get words mixed up and letters get switched around-but only because I read the words too fast. One time, when I was working at a grocery store, there was a box in the corner of the back room on a shelf.

"Jew Trapper", I thought it said.

"Jet Wrapper", it was.

So, I guess another thing to be happy about is correctly labeled boxes. Or, correctly read labels. Or...something like that.

Anyway, happy Wednesday....I hope you all have very fast workdays Thursday and Friday....and a long, slow you can sleep happily under the stars.

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