Thursday, February 17, 2011


SO: the University of Iowa-the TOP writing program in the country-has summer weekend writing conferences that you can sign up for. This is incredibly awesome because I am writing a novel, and a conference like THAT could be really great.

Anyway-this is especially cool because maybe if I do a workshop like that, I'll be closer to publishing my novel. Once that baby gets published, I have all kinds of plans.

I was thinking, in particular, if I could do something really fun, and since I'd be meeting a lot of people while doing book signings and going to and fro in the vast lands of America while keeping up with my star-studded itineraries,and various charity-giving organizations I'd be affiliated with, I would eventually meet some pretty cool celebrities, like, let's say Jon Hamm and Mike Rowe. Then, perhaps, one of us might mention going on a roadtrip....oh, by the way-Mike Row is the guy from Dirty Jobs and Jon Hamm is the guy from Mad Men. I think we would have some pretty good conversations, I really do.

For example, Mike and I would talk all about having terrible jobs, and once in a while Jon Hamm would chuckle while he drove us around. We would either be in a Mercedes-Benz or a Ford Explorer....because Jon Hamm does the voiceovers for the luxury cars and Mike Rowe is the everyman guy for Ford. Then, at some point, someone would mention meeting up with Steve at one of those places mentioned in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and then we'd all talk about whatever is on our minds while eating delicious foods.

At some point, someone would naturally mention going camping together and we would all go camping, roasting marshmallows and coming up with ideas for my second book.

Anyway-that would be amazing, especially if it all happened because I went to that writer's conference.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHHA Mike Rowe and Jon Hamm!!! I love that you started the preface of this post at my apartment!