Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm taking a time out to write something down.

I wonder how many people have been watching the Super Computer on Jeopardy the past two days. It freaks me out. WATSON, the IBM supercomputer, is kicking super butt.

This is just after the TIME magazine article on the projected oncoming of Singularity-a merging of people and machines, and the marking of the end of the human era (if I read this correctly).

I am terrified of all of this. But then again, I am writing about how terrifying it all is, using a computer. But at least, to the best of my knowledge, this computer is not able to outsmart me.

If you haven't read the article, or others like it, or if you haven't seen WATSON, I believe he is on again tonight, on Jeopardy.

I believe "he" has something close to 40,000 in winnings while the biggest Jeopardy winners in history are dwindling with scores like 2,000 points. Computers acting smarter than people.

I guess I'm worried about all this for a few different reasons: 1. It's all happening really fast, especially if you look at a time-line expressing the progression of technology. 2. I feel like change his hard, especially change that includes eradicating humanity as we know it.

Anyway-I probably didn't say too too much on the subject....but I wanted to say something: it's scary. It's really scary. I also read that if people try to stop it, it will just happen with underground movements. So we've got to "ride the wave" so to speak. The wave to doom? Hopefully not.

I guess this is sort of sordid and gloomy. Maybe I should think about happier topics. Valentine's day was this week, right? That's happy. I wonder what the computers think of Valentine's day.

I think that's all for now....

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