Saturday, October 1, 2011

I just wanted to write a quick update today, because I haven't written in about a week.

In that time, two people who have been pregnant, but just a few weeks ahead of me, have had their babies!! Congrats to Alyssa and Kathy, on their little boy and little girl (respectively) :) So happy for you guys!

In that time, also, I have written all thank you notes! There are only about five not sent - if you don't have one, you may be one of the five, and investigative measures have been taken to locate your coordinance and secure point of contact (find your address, write it down, and send the card - I just thought it sounded more official and spy- like that other way).

The house is lookin' good. Our room is set up for when the baby comes (there is a bassinet by the bed, stuffed animals in the room, clothes and diapers are ready for action).

The play room is cleaned out and the few toys we've got are in.

My lovely friend Holly made a beautiful baby book for us and I started adding to it today -- ultra sound pictures, pretty cards from the baby shower, and the invitations and an example of a thank you card made it in, to start.

My belly is now the size of Novia Scotia, so forget the hoarding, make way for Mrs. Baby Beluga over here, I take up about five seats on the couch and can barely fit through doorways ;) I am 36 weeks pregnant, I can't believe it!

I do have a random ear infection. After talking with the doctor, I found that an antibiotic is the best way, but they found one that shouldn't be bad for babe (which is top priority). They didn't want it to spread and not have medicine for me either, so I think this is for the best to take the antibiotic. I'm just adding it to my pile of humungus pills I take each day. It's very exciting to take extra large pills when your tonsils are (and always have been) the size of polar bears. Each day I take a prenatal vitamin (the size of a two-story house, roughly); a fish-oil supplement (we saved up and got the more expensive kind to try and avoid heavy metals and mercury) (this one is about the size of a pony at a rich kid's birthday party) and of course now the antibiotic I'm taking 4 times daily for a week is about the size of my head. So, to swallow something that is roughly the size of my head without chewing it is a difficult task but I'm doing just fine, thank you very much.

Here is a free sample of my conversation with a nurse.

"The doctor said I have an ear infection, and to call within a few days if it didn't clear up."

"OK- let me look at your chart- oh yes. I see. Now. Are you allergic to pennecilin?"


--She puts me on hold --

"We've decided to put you on a medicine with penecillin anyway. If you have a reaction, just take some benedryl."

"Um....ok. Thanks."

Now. I'm assuming this is because this is the safest for babe. But - why did she even ask if I was allergic? That is my beef. The best part is I've had no allergic reaction. So that's pretty fun. Anyway - medicine. Who needs it, right?

So, anyway - ear infection and gigundo pills aside, all is pretty much ok.

What else has happened, you might be asking yourself? I mean, it has been a few days.

Well, my boss made a big huge prediction chart at work where people guess the time, day, and boy/girl for babe. They also suggest names. This chart is totally going in the baby book. It's super cool and awesome.

This week is turning out to be another busy one, as I look upon the calendar. First thing I notice: It's October! Holy Wow.

Second thing I notice. The room - Steve and his brother are working furiously on it as I type. In fact, it is SUPPOSEDLY supposed to have big big changes by the end of tomorrow night.

I'm going to have dinner with Mary, my sister in law, to celebrate her birthday, and when I come back, I am hoping there is some more change. That would be a miracle.

Still no pictures, I don't want to post pictures until that room is painted and the floors are in.

If the room gets finished this week, I will be the happiest lady. Ever. I'll let you know.

Then, this weekend is the first birthday party(ies) for two little girls born on the same day last year, and one of those little girls will just so happen to be my God Daughter who will have her baptism Sunday. So excited for them!!

SO - it should be another busy week.

Hope you all are have good weeks, whether they are busy or not. Hopefully the next time I write I will have pictures of the room - because that will mean it is DONE!

OK- I'm done - gotta go!

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