Saturday, June 18, 2011

And I call myself a person who blogs....

Well, I don't really call myself a person who blogs. But, maybe I should start, because maybe that would be a good enough reason for me to write more.

I could blame my pause on writing on many, many things. I'd rather just blame myself. It would be more honest of me. I DID buy a set of three very pretty Vera Bradley journals to write in during my period of non-writing in this know, I bought them so I could jot something down here and there....I gave one away, I kept one, and I lost one.

Then, I gave the one I kept for myself to Steve one night because we couldn't find any paper anywhere in the entire house and he had to go to the grocery store for more than 7 things and I read it's really hard for Americans to remember lists of more than 7 things because they're programed to remember things like phone numbers with 7 digits and blahblahblahblahblahblahblah but ANYWAY the point is I begrudgingly let him borrow that one pretty journal I had been journaling in (so to speak) and he promptly lost it.

The journal.

And we've been trying to save money so here I am...I don't have to buy a pretty journal when we have a COMPUTER. I'm being way more "green" this way. Way more "modern". Way more in touch with the world around me. Journaling is kind of like belonging to a clique of just you and yourself and whoever happily finds it and reads it just to see how weird you are. THIS way I can publish whatever I feel like and then more people can see how weird I am. It's way better this way, really.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been on here.

That and I've was busy quitting my job, getting a new way better job and also finding out I was pregnant.

Man I should have re-started my blogging months ago, as my life clearly got juicy and the only people I was telling were people I actually saw in person and a journal that was lost.

But, I blame myself. And now that the blaming part is all over and done with, I can move on and talk about whatever is on my mind.

Let's see......

Well, first off, being pregnant so far is something that I love. I love the eating (and I have actually been eating better than I normally eat, which makes me feel better, which makes me think I probably should have started eating better a long time ago but I am glad I am eating better now).

Also, I love the sleeping. I used to sleep like a bear, don't get me wrong, I would literally fall into a state of hibernation after work, especially in the winter: it would go --I'm home, get the flannel Jammies on, get my hot cocoa on, get my blankets on, get my sleep on. Anyway- now I'm still sleepy but I've always loved sleep's a plus to feel sleepy when you like to sleep, that's basically what I'm saying here.

Thirdly, I love feeling the baby kick. It is the most amazing thing ever and it's great. I have noticed that there are kicks when I have something sweet, kicks when I am listening to fun music, kicks when I'm about to go to sleep, kicks kicks kicks. I like these kicks. I wonder if it means the baby will like to walk, or the baby will like ice cream, or the baby likes the same music I like...or maybe it just feels nice to stretch the ol' legs out every once in a while. Either way....I would agree with any person who ever said they liked it when the baby kicks (and they are pregnant).

Another thing I have noticed about being pregnant is that I get hot way easily. This never used to happen before! I was always so very cold, even sometimes in the summer.

Also I forget things a little bit. Like that crackers do not go into the freezer when you are putting them away and that soap is not shampoo. Little things like that. Not bad, though, keeps life pretty spicy.

Speaking of spicy (as in amazing), Steve and I have planted a flower AND vegetable garden and our house. It is very colorful and we actually "tend" to it. This is very, very great. We are also doing other home improvements....but maybe I could talk about those some other time.

Because right now, it's pretty close to my point of hibernation. So tired. My eyes...I can't...really...keep them open. I'm so dramatic. I'm just kinda tired. I think that's enough for my typing for one night.

So, have a good night, everybody. And...MAYBE...I will write again soon....

(I like the whole "ending with a cliff hanger" thing....when I'm writing, not when I'm reading, but I don't have to read this....but actually neither do you....anyway I should really go. Maybe I'll be back soon. That was my point. Maybe).


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