Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy housing

Home improvementing your house (and yes, I'm saying home improvementing because you are always doing something when you are improving your house somehow so I'd rather call it home improvementing because it makes more sense to me) I was saying...

Home improvementing your house is like playing a game of dominoes.

Or Jenga.

Or any boardgame at all when your cat jumps in the middle of the board and everything goes flying everywhere.

Take your pick.

Anyway, this is just what I feel like, after trying a few things with our house...and hearing the stories of other hard working home improvementers....and of course after watching the classic movie The Moneypit with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long.

We were going to paint the room for the baby. First, though, we had to take off the wallpaper from 1973 that was grasping tightly to the walls. Once this happened, we saw water damage. The water damage led us to see the roof was leaky.

I will break down what the plan WAS: take down wallpaper, paint room, and voila!

I will now break down what the plan MUST BE: take down wall paper [check], discover water damage [check], get the roof fixed [tomorrow?], get the walls fixed, get the walls painted, switch the floor (hot pink rugs from the previous owner....I'd rather have something slightly more neutral....especially because we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl yet)....add furniture and wall decals and voila!

Anyway - we shall see how this improvementing goes. Good luck to all of your improvement(ing)s.

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