Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Don't eat the cat". I often find myself saying this to my dog. He then turns his head to his side and slowly walks away from the cat. The dog was, when I said this to him, stopped jaws-open slightly above the cats head. He never clamps down--but I don't let him think that far, either.

"Stop the noises....stop this at once!" I often find myself saying this to my cat. Especially at night. When he is in the bedroom at night, his main goal is to jump on our heads, meow loudly, and then claw at the windows as loudly as possible. When bored of this, which does not easily happen, he has an innate thirst to find something else to make noisy....anything. He will claw at the sheets, he will bat at the posts of the bed. When we take him out of the room, he spends most of the night clawing at the door, which is even better, because it is both noisy and consistent. He somehow never gets bored of that. Fancy that. Fancy cat.

Do I think this is good practice for having kids? I don't think I can compare the two. I think I'm probably going to be up all night every night until my eyes feel like they are going to fall out, and my hair will probably fall out in clumps as I will have no more time to shower and people will start calling me "Zombie-Woman Sally". I added "Sally" because they might forget my name, and "Sally" would be an easy nickname to make up, because clearly it was easy for me to make up just now.

Maybe I'll even wear a fanny pack for some reason.

I grew up with so many kids in the house my mom would forget who she was calling for halfway through calling out for us. "Jon-Mike-Dav-Court-ANDYYYYY". Maybe that will happen to me at one kid. Anything is possible. I did put the crackers in the dishwasher the other day. Maybe I should stop eating so many crackers.

But I don't care about the fact that my life is going to get pretty crazy...I'm too excited to care. I can't wait to hold my little G. Besides...I've had practice, right?

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