Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Each day you wake up and there isn't a tag wrapped around your foot is a good one, and another chance to just...LIVE. Start the races! Do what you will."
I heard the priest say that at church on Sunday, and it stuck in my head, like a song.

I had a rough start to the day today, but I tried to keep this in mind all day. That's why I like going to church. It gives me something to think about. At least that church does.

So, even though the morning wasn't so great, I still thought about it. I moved around, I experienced the day anyway. I walked with the dog during lunch. I went to the store, and picked up blueberries and cookies (with good ingredients, I promise), and one of those cheesy bagels that you just want to last forever...or at least I do. When I bite into those I just want the part I bit off to magically appear again so I can keep eating it, because it is just that delicious.

What else did I do? I sat in an air conditioned gym on the bike for a little while reading the Oprah magazine. It was so lovely, and I'll tell you why with my three reasons why I love the Oprah magazine:
1. The cover is so predictable. It's like knowing that a loaf of bread is a loaf of bread because of how it looks like.
2. There is ALWAYS a reading list or a list of some kind, and I love lists (look at this 1, 2, 3 list I have going here as proof)
3. It is not too bad when it comes to advertisement pages clogging up the whole magazine. There are a lot of articles. I think Oprah can afford to have a great magazine, because she is just great. I love Oprah. I would tell you why but this is not a list of reasons why I love Oprah, it is a list of reasons why I love Oprah's magazine.

Anyway, today I was able to spend almost my whole entire day in air conditioning. When I walked my dog at night it was nice, because there was a cool breeze and the sun was setting and it was just...nice. I think I said that but it is well deserved to be said twice.

My point is, (you probably can already tell, of course)....even though the morning was a little difficult, the rest of the day was still there to just...LIVE and be happy. There are so many chances to be happy and spread happiness. I like that. A lot.

I didn't even say the best part of my day. The best part of my day was when Stevie's Dad and brother fixed up a guitar for him to play! I wanted to surprise him, so I went to the music store and picked up strings. His Dad and brother put them on his Dad's old fender acoustic guitar, and now he can play! He already knows some chords, but he's going to practice....the baby was kicking when Stevie was playing a little bit at his parent's house. It was really great.

I love him and just want him to be happy all the time. I think that's what I pretty much want for people in general. I think that's what that priest meant - for people to just let themselves and others try to find happiness, wherever they might go looking. At least for people to not be afraid to look for happiness. That's how I took it, anyway.

Each day can be anything.

Two weeks ago I saw an ever-burning flame underneath a waterfall on a walk.

Tonight we drove through at least a whole village of fireflies, sparkling in the dark. There were lights everywhere, and it was like the stars wanted to come down to earth for a little while just to take a look around and see what we see for a little while, when it's dark and no one would notice...it was just like that.

Anyway, no, my day didn't start off great, but I love how it ended up. Just because things aren't so great sometimes doesn't mean it's not great all times. That's how I feel.

I guess before I go (I wonder if anyone is actually still reading, this ended up being very long) - before I go I wanted to add to what I heard in church. There's always room for happiness. At least, that's how I feel right now...that's how I've felt today. Although, I guess it is now tomorrow, and time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight to whoever is reading this, or Good Day, if the sun is up. I hope you have at least a few good moments crammed into your day, no matter what in the world your day will hold.

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  1. A lovely post, Katie. I so enjoy your musings. What a wonderful time of life for you and Steve!