Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tomorrow I'm surprising the librarians at work with baked from scratch, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I made them myself.

I love love love love love times one million baking cookies. The whole process is so relaxing. Lining up all of the ingredients, holding your breath that you didn't run out of something seemingly insignificant on non-cookie baking days, like vanilla or baking soda, and then mixing everything together and the whole kitchen smelling so sweet and so warm and so good and then before you know it you have a plate full of 100 cookies falling all over each other and it is so delicious and great.

I really think it's important to do something good in a day. I think baking cookies is good, because it brings happiness into the world.

I am looking forward to doing some other good things. Like tomorrow Steve and I are going out to eat with my cousin John. John has been living with us the past few months, and we keep talking about going somewhere, and now we are finally actually doing it.

Friday after work I'm going to weed the garden and walk the dog while Steve and his brother and Dad work on the baby's room again. Every time we try to do something with that project, we take a back-step. But...I guess you have to back up a little bit before you start something big.

Then, this weekend, we are going to Rochester. We are going to hopefully see lots of family, and hopefully visit my Grandmother too. Then church on Sunday and the weekend will be over. But those are the plans. And they make me happy.

I really believe that life is what you make it. I want to show our baby what a positive life is like. I want to really show what goodness is, so that he or she can grow up happy, and can spread some happiness too.

Or at least it's just nice to be with people, and just kind of be content with all of the free things in life, like family, and cookies, and walks with dogs, and sitting with the cat, and getting up at 3 am to go to the ladies room and playing some moves on words with friends when I can't get back to sleep right away, and...I don't know, stuff like that.

I could be ranting and saying all kinds of horrible things, but I don't want to. I'd rather write things like this. I think it's better and more awesome this way.

So...I'll just leave it at that. Right now, I just feel very hopeful, and pretty happy, and I just want other people to feel this way too. And, that's about it.

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