Sunday, July 3, 2011

Erma Bombeck has said, "I got to thinking one day about all those women on the titanic who passed up dessert at dinner on that fateful night in an effort to cut back."

I believe this is a very important thought for us all to take a moment to think about. I mean, first of all, they probably had some pretty great desserts on that boat. I mean - it was supposed to be this "unsinkable" ship - so I would imagine that they would jam-pack an unsinkable ship with as many delicious desserts as humanly possible. With this train of thought, it is also a shame all those desserts went down.

Also, on another note, we really don't know what's going to happen in life. As much as we might plan and prepare, life does what life does. SO, why worry about something like dessert? Have some. You can exercise if you want, too. You can do a little boogie and get down in your kitchen while you eat that cupcake if it makes you feel better.

The reason why I'm thinking about this and writing about this is I've been trying to eat a lot better since I've found out I was pregnant, and then I started getting what can only be described is a ravenous hunger like what a hippo who has not seen food in days must only experience. Then I started thinking about trying to strike a balance, and while I'm trying to think about that I get this idea that eating some ice cream would really help with my thinking process....and then by the time I'm done thinking about whatever it was I was thinking about I've gained another 3 pounds.

Don't get me wrong, it's very delightful to think this way - but it is just like that of a ravenous hippo. And I only eat when I'm hungry! And I exercise! But I will not stress about it. I will just be. And eat. It's for a good cause, anyway. Now, if I weren't pregnant and I were this hungry - I would probably take a pregnancy test. Because I have never, ever been this hungry. I never used to finish a plate! Now I eat TWO! Probably the plate itself too if I had the chance. I wouldn't surprise myself.

But, I am very happy that through all of this getting very fat business, my husband Steve is very supportive. He likes my belly. I do too. It is kind of fun to get fat. It's just a little difficult to balance and walk around the right way, sometimes. I have found myself waddling more and more. That's ok, though. I'll waddle if it means my baby is ok. I will waddle all day. And eat more ice cream, too, if that's helping anyone.

Steve even made me this little sign last night as we sat by a fire. I think we're going to stain it and put it in the house.

He made it while we ate s'mores. I was eating s'mores and he was making that sign. It was a great night. So add on to Erma's thoughts...actually eating desserts can in fact lead to beauty.

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