Saturday, October 8, 2011

About a year ago today we were going to the Syracuse area for our friends Evan and Christine's wedding.

We also heard the news about the birth of Laya, my friend Andi's daughter, and Surahya, brother Jon and Sister in law Sindhu's daughter.

Now, a year later, we are celebrating their first birthdays, and Surahya is getting baptized! Time goes by pretty fast.

Today we are getting our own car seat installed in our car at a local fire department, for our own baby. We couldn't be more excited.

And then we celebrate those little birthdays!!

And on Monday is our two year wedding anniversary. That is so surreal.

We already went out to dinner for our anniversary, so Monday will be very low-key. Steve has class after work and won't be home until late, so really not much will be going on. But Happy Anniversary, Babe! You are the greatest. :)

This week will be pretty busy putting FINISHING TOUCHES on the room! I can't believe we are finally at finishing touches!!!

Thursday is my next doctor's appointment. I can't believe I'm at weekly doctor's appointments!!

So, I am just very much so looking forward to the events of this weekend and this week.

I tell Steve I really don't want anything more, I feel like I have the whole world. I am so happy to be with him, and to have our family, and to have our friends and it just makes me feel very rich.

Speaking of friends, it looks like it's going to be a very happening wedding season of 2012!! I am getting pumped about this.

It will certainly be an excuse to start working off this babe weight, as soon as I can start to work it off, anyway.

I wonder if sleepless nights will help with working of baby weight? Who knows. Maybe it just contributes to a zombie-like persona. We'll see ;) I'll do anything for babe, so if it means sleepless nights, I'm in.

I finished the first draft of my novel! I just wanted to say that. Steve said he'll look over it, that's good because he makes for a good editor. He is far more detail-oriented than myself, I am a big picture person and I come up with a lot of ideas, but he is good at pin-pointing where I could get more in depth with characters or where I can expand on those ideas.

I am just feeling very happy right now. The start of the week, not so much, I had an ear infection (which is almost gone) and I was kind of down about a few things, but right now, I am feeling happy and excited about life. I am so happy for my friends, and for how our family is growing, and thankful for everything we have.

I think that's about all. I just wanted to say this. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and is feeling at least a little bit happy, too.

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