Thursday, October 6, 2011

Right now I am listening to Ben Folds and sitting on the couch, probably going to go to bed pretty soon.

So many things have happened recently. I just wanted to talk about them really quickly.

Vinnie and Erica got engaged a couple of weeks ago!! They are going to get married August 31 of next year at Becker Farms. We are so excited for them!

Another thing that happened is the room is ALMOST done. Just a few finishing touches. And by that I mean just a floor needs to be put in. No big deal.

Some other things happened, too.

My husband lost someone very important in his life, his grandfather. He was a great man. He died on Monday. He had a battle with ALS. His whole life he was doing something for someone else. He used to visit prisoners and keep them company, he helped to create a summer camp for kids, he was always giving and always very humble about it all. Grandpa John will be missed. Very much so. His memorial is October 22.

Yesterday, someone else died. Steve Jobs. I found out he and I shared a birthday - February 24. My brother Andy has that birthday, too. He seemed like a really good person - and he really showed how the world can benefit from a little creativity and some drive, combined, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Not bad. I think a lot of people have been struck by his death - and maybe he has inspired many to be a little creative, and a little driven, too, along the way.

I know today is a very random blog, but, I just wanted to say these things.

I have decided I don't think I need anything. I don't think I want anything. I am just looking forward to the baby being born, and being a family together. Well, I guess, the room getting done in the next couple of days would be's ok. Whatever will be will be.

Oh, one more thing - this weekend I am looking forward to seeing some friends and family I have not seen in a while. I'm really looking forward to it.

I know, I know, this was all over the place. But I think it's ok to be all over the place. So...that's about it for now.

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