Monday, October 10, 2011

Today is Steve and my anniversary.

He had to work until almost 9 pm tonight, but when he came home he had flowers and a beautiful card in his hands, just for me!

I had a card for him, too.

We knew we wouldn't see each other today, but it was nice to see him when he got home.

When I got out of work today, I read more of my book, and then I went over to Mary's house so the dogs could play together.

It wasn't a bad Monday...and it is so fun to think that Steve and I have been married for two whole years.

Now, I'm very sleepy, but I wanted to write something before I got ready for bed.

The dog is exhausted and sleeping next to me. The cat is prowling outside.

Steve finished painting the dresser for the babe's room, and he has been cooking our vegetables. Steve cooks to relax. I love hearing him cook, especially because he usually hums or whistles while he does.

Every day has been very busy, especially with preparing for the baby. This week will be no different - tomorrow we've got to put the furniture in the room (hooray!) and Steve's going to measure the windows for new shades and make sure the edging of the paint is just right.

Wednesday, if it's not done already, Steve wants to fix the register in the room and finish putting up the baseboards.

Then we might really be done - and the only thing left will be when my parents come up Saturday with a few items they have at their house, like the swing.

Thursday is my next doctor's appointment, and Friday I'm officially 38 weeks pregnant.

I feel like I just found out I was pregnant a couple of days ago....

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