Monday, October 17, 2011

I am over the moon with happiness.

My next Doctor's appointment is tomorrow-- there is about a week and a half left until my due date. Steve and I want to meet babe so badly!

The room is done done done :)

My house is ready ready ready.

My heart is ready, too.

I asked Steve if he would write an entry in my blog, and he said he will. So we will hear from him soon.

He just ordered a new phone - we are going to stick to one data plan, and he's going to have it now. I'm taking his old phone. We are still trying to save money, but as long as we're set to pay for a data plan at the cell phone company, we figure we might as well have a better camera on it to keep our family posted ;) Plus he was eligible for an upgrade and has wanted an iphone for his entire life and I really really really don't mind going back to a cell phone that just makes phone calls. In fact, I'm kind of excited about it.

I'm starting to find myself slowing down a bit. Tomorrow we're having dinner with Steve's mom, Kathy...and we might hang out with our long lost friends Brandon and Carley on Wednesday - but other than that, we are laying low.

I am just happy waiting for babe. Did I mention we are excited?

Anyway - I will post the pics very, very soon.

Hope all is well with you all!!

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