Saturday, December 3, 2011

A few nights ago I was sitting in the family room and I heard what sounded like people screaming out of terror.

This is not a pleasant sound to hear while you are on your couch. It is probably not a pleasant sound to hear when you are not on your couch, also.

Steve came downstairs, and I said I heard people screaming.

He didn't hear it at first and said I must be hearing things.

I said I was hearing things, I was hearing people screaming.

So, we waited in a moment of silence, followed by the sound of people screaming.

Steve went outside to check it out, and he found a pickup truck idling not far from out house in the middle of the street. He went to the truck driver to see what was going on.

"Coyotes," he said. 

We have coyotes near our neighborhood! This is very terrifying to me, especially because they apparently make terrifying noises! Steve's dad thinks they separate and make those noises to freak out their prey and then when they catch something they all get together to eat. 

How nice.

Well, there goes the neighborhood! 

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