Friday, December 2, 2011

Today is the last work day that I will be at home with Corinne.

I am so sad about this. She's in the swing right now, and I just keep looking at her getting tears in my eyes.

I am going to try to be positive, of course, and so I am happy to get into a routine on Monday of going to work, going to the gym when I can, and most importantly being with Corinne and Steve. 

Tonight is our work Christmas party. I'll see people I haven't seen in six weeks. I don't have too many dresses that fit just yet, so this could be interesting. I'm sure I'll work something out - I just still don't feel too comfortable with being larger than normal, although I am trying!

Hopefully the gym will help. AND eating right. We'll see.

Anyway, my little lady is waking up!

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