Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've decided I'm going to post a "My Favorite Things" list in honor of the holiday season and also Oprah.

But, I do not want to be a total copier of Oprah, especially if she got mad at me and decided to sue me because I copied her. She would definitely win in court. Not only does everybody love Oprah, but she also came up with the "My Favorite Things" list first.

And so, I will call my list "My fun things". These are things that make me really really happy and I recommend.

This is in no particular order, and is in honor of peace and love and happiness and the holiday season. 

1. Bridget Jones books- both the first and second are so funny I fell off the bed laughing. In fact, I think I want to read them again sometime. They are positively delightful. Also everyone I've ever known who has read them has also fallen off their beds laughing. That is a pretty heavy duty track record of delight.

2. Journals and Notebooks - if I don't have my "Ideas books" all of my ideas would just float away into nothingness - and that is a sad idea indeed.

3. Cookies, Pie, and cupcakes. I think pie is everyone's favorite though. Not everyone talks about it, but I think we all feel it. At least a little bit. Pie is the superior one in that little group.

4.  Taking a walk in the night or early morning, when everything seems very peaceful, and snow is falling, and there isn't much sound at all - it makes you wonder why people get angry ever.

5. Constellations. Those things are so cool. It's like a giant light bright that's been hanging around....and you don't have to hurt your fingers trying to push in the little things to make the pictures. You can just talk about them and talk about how long they've been up there.

6. Vibrating chairs for babies - I would like one for myself. And a giant swing, like for babies. These things look like so much fun. It would be nice to rest in after a long day's work.

7. Food, food, food. What would the world be like without it? What would we ever do? How would we gather? What? Why?

8. Sleep, sleep, sleep. I love it, even if I only have two minutes of it a day. I don't even care. Sleep is so great. Especially if you have lots of blankets. Also a house.

9. Cirque de Soleil - I would love to just do those moves around the house when I'm bored. Or if there was nothing left to talk about while I'm entertaining guests. "Hey, did you see this new move I just taught myself the other day?"

10. Dancing to music while getting ready for the day and running around the house, with pacifiers flying in the air, and bottles being shuffled from hand to hand, and I'm feeding the dog, and cleaning up a trail of tiny clothes strewn across the floor, and my eyes waking up to the day.

This is the song I'm listening to right now. I just got home a little while ago, and walked the dog, and am about to wrap some Christmas presents....there's always room for music. 


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