Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Corinne is already almost a month old. Three and a half weeks old, to be exact. She is growing bigger every day.

This also means that there are only two and a half weeks that I have to hang out with her all day. This makes me sad. Right now she is sleeping...she is so sweet. I don't want to leave her. Sometimes I wish we could just live in the mountains somewhere, just making our own food and not having to depend on money.

But, we've got to pay the bills, so I've got to go back in two and a half weeks. I do love my job, and love who I work with - and I miss them! I just am dreading not being with Corinne. At least she will be with her grandma - that part is good.

Anyway - last Friday Corinne got to meet Lucy for the first time! Lucy is our friends Kathy and Brian's baby, who was born three weeks before Corinne. They came just after dinner and we got to talk and the babies mostly slept - and it was really a good time. I can't wait for them to get to know each other!

This past weekend we visited Rochester. That was great because we saw some friends and family that didn't get to meet Corinne yet. It was so nice to see everybody. I really miss Rochester, but I am glad that we only live about an hour away so we can visit more frequently than not.

Corinne amazes me every day. She laughs in her sleep a lot - my mom said she thinks she got it from me because I was laughing so much while I was pregnant with her! I wouldn't be surprised! She also looks at us and smiles and is cuddly and loving and I can't think of enough good adjectives. She just makes our world complete, I guess that's the best way to put it.

Steve and I are really lucky to have a large support system. Sometimes we think about what it might be like to be a teenager who is alone without a supportive family or a significant other, and how they end up raising their babies. Sometimes we also think about how people have twins - either situation, we feel these parents are exceptional and have super human powers.

Corinne makes noises in her sleep all the time. She likes to make noises in general. Steve's mom thinks it means she will be very talkative. I can definitely see that!! My sister Julie said I made all kinds of noises when I was a baby too - and now look at me I talk so much I have to also have a blog so that I can keep talking even when my mouth isn't open.

Corinne also now has auburn locks of hair. My mom said my brother David had auburn hair until he turned two and then his hair turned Fire Engine Red! I would love it if she had red hair. I would love whatever color, for that matter, but I really would love it if it were red! Her eyes are very blue right now as well - I know eyes change a lot in the first six months, but I wonder if they'll stay this way, they look so blue. I guess time will tell!

She just made more noises from her little basinnet. I love those sounds! Now I am thinking about going back to work again and not hearing those sounds. It will be like going into a whole new world.

Anyway- I should go! I've been working on writing thank you notes to people who kindly gave Corinne gifts after she was born! I want to finish those soon, and send them out.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday.....

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