Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last night when I was with Corinne and sifting through murky thoughts popping in and out of my mind, I thought of an idea for a board game.

I'm not going to say it on here, because I want to work on it for a little while and see if it's actually a good idea.

It sounded fun at 4 in the morning, though! That's always a good sign...

It involves family and eating and friends too. That is all I will say. The rest will have to go in my ideas book. I get ideas all the time. Of course I have an ideas book.

I swear Corinne smiles at my jokes. She is so responsive and sweet! She's sleeping right now, of course - I wouldn't be writing this if she were up. I'd be hanging out with her of course.

So, today I wrote this blog entry, and, if I have more time, I'm going to read more of "A Prayer for Owen Meany", which I got from the library.

I am a big advocate for the library. You can get so many books and they are all free and you don't have to look for more room on your bookshelves to keep them...and everybody is sharing them.

Of course if I were Howie Mandel or a germaphobic person I would never even set foot in a library...but since I am not a library is a paradise to me.

Speaking of books I've realized something about myself. I don't need gifts, but if you ever wanted to get me a gift, I would be happy with some kind of book or a pair of pajamas. Because Ideally I find myself either reading or writing and in my pajamas. Jammies are the greatest. So comfortable and even if you have a lot of them I think you can still have more, as long as you have room in your closet or shelves.

Yesterday I finished up the laundry. I find that a great accomplishment. I wonder how my Mom had coped with laundry from 8 kids and 2 adults, when it seems a great feat to just get mine, Steve's and Corinne's done. 

Today marks just a few days left until I go back to work. 

Speaking of being home, though, I've noticed something: The character of Jackie from Roseanne dated George Clooney??? How?? That is a great mystery to me. She was one lucky lady. I was mystified when I saw this. That's right I've been netflixing Roseanne. AND it is fantastic. It is a great show. Especially the first season - I've been working my way through it, and it is very well done! I really like it. I remember it getting kind of crazy in the end - specifically the years when Big Bang Theory person came in and Becky became girl from Scrubs....but in the beginning I really liked it. 

Well I hear a baby starting to move around! Bye folks...

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