Sunday, November 20, 2011

So far I am nowhere near fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants.

Just want to put that out there into the universe.

I do plan on fitting in them once again, someday.

I have been doing some reading on the subject and I don't want to rush into losing weight, because I read things about damaging your body and not eating enough causing toxins in your breastmilk. That does not sound cool. So, for the sake of Corinne and I, I'm just going to ease into a workout routine, and continue to eat food. I like food anyway. :)

That all being said: I am so happy about this time of year--I can't wait to eat the delicious snacks and deserts! I won't go crazy, but I'm not going on a diet either! So happy to just eat and enjoy the deliciousness. I will continue to try and eat right, too - I've been taking multivitamins and drinking juice from the juicer (today I had a carrot and orange and apple juice) and I guess I'm just going to try and stay as balanced and healthy as possible but not have a guilty concience when I eat.

Same goes for working out - I'll move around as much as I can but I'm not running a marathon next week or anything.

I'm pretty happy with just going with the flow.

And the flow of time itself has brought us to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, as I mentioned above. We are going to decorate our house so much this year, in honor of Corinne's first Christmas! Will she remember it? I don't think so. But - I think she'll like looking at the colors and the lights :) We are planning on putting some money in savings for her education fund for Christmas this year. This is because: She needs money in that fund and also she won't remember her first Christmas so now's a good time to do a gift like that.

ANyway- got to go! I hear her waking up!

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