Thursday, November 17, 2011

So I love being at home with Corinne.

Some days are pretty crazy - like when I eat something that causes her to have gas and didn't realize that I did until she screams for a few hours at a time - for example.

One of those days was so bad, when she'd calm down for a few minutes I'd grab some chocolate chips and eat them, thinking, "Man today is pretty rough! These chocolate chips will make me feel better."

This was bad thinking, seeing as eating chocolate causes gas in babies when you are breastfeeding them! I had no idea. She had gas for 9 hours that day. It was not good.

Looks like I'm taking a mini-vacation from Chocolate for my babe.

Then there are some days where all she would like to do is eat and sleep. I those days are great - and I steal her for big chunks of time just snuggling her. Not the whole time though, I do put her down to lay in her basinnet as well so she's not in shock when I go back to work and she has some basinnet time at her Grandma's house. I don't want to talk about going back to work right now though :)

I would like to mention how fast we go through diapers, though! My goodness, I thought we'd go through a lot, but I guess I never really thought about it for a while! Luckily, we got a lot of "diaper donations", especially in the "1" stage, which she will be in from 8 pounds to 14 pounds - and she just made the 8 pound range recently. She is growing up so fast!

Last night Steve and I gave her her first "Tubby" bath - this was interesting! As soon as we had her in the water she gave us this look like "This. Is. Fantastic. How very relaxing." And then - let me just say we had to give her another bath! But - she did very well. After two baths, she was squeaky clean and smelled so sweet and she didn't even cry much! She's a pro. A bath-taking pro.

Today while Corinne and I were hanging out, I watched a little Bob Ross on PBS. It was great. He is so kind and I love the way he talks and he makes painting look so easy. I could watch Bob Ross all day. He is just so calming. I feel like watching Bob Ross should be listed as something a person commonly does to calm down - like drinking tea or going in a hot tub or eating an ice cream sundae (that last one maybe I just do, I don't know if it's generally an activity most people think of to calm down, but if not it's highly recommended. Though I can't eat ice cream right now either...but maybe that's for the best).

Anyway, last night I went somewhere without Corinne for the first time. I went to Wegmans, just for about ten minutes. It was the first time I drove in a month. It was the first time I've been without Corinne. I figured I should start weening myself off of time with her, as I won't be around her at work. I'd rather have her around, but it was ok. I got everything on my list, and left. I didn't get any extras - which I sometimes do. Maybe it is a sign of maturity. Or maybe I just didn't want to be there for too long. Who knows.

Tonight our friends Holly and Tim and Ryan are coming over for dinner. Steve is
making sauce (he actually made it last night, it's warming on the stove right now).

If we had enough money Steve would own a restaurant. I think I mentioned that before. I think his restaurant would be successful - just because I think his food is amazing and he's really passionate about it and I think he's very good with money and businesslike things. For now he will cook for fun and I will eat the delicious concoctions and I will write for fun and he can read what I write and be calm like I would be if I had an ice cream sundae handy.

Basically, we'll keep doing what we love even if we don't have the money or connections to do it on a larger scale. Who needs larger scales anyway? I never even liked the small ones. Ba dom dom. That is my impression of someone playing the drumset after a joke is told.

Anyway- I'm in a goofy mood. I just ate some wheat thins. They were delicious. Apparently they make me goofy. You know what? I have got to stop blaming my silliness on the things I eat. It's not fair to the food, or the food industry if my blog gets really big and people in the food industry start paying attention, that is. I am silly because that is who I am. When I'm in a good mood, anyway. And that's that.

Before I go, though, I have to say that Corinne finally met a swaddle that actually swaddled her in. Usually she is Mrs. HoudiniBabyofLove, and she gets out of our swaddles (or the doctor's swaddles or her aunts and uncles swaddles or even those swaddle things with the velcro) in two seconds flat. At least. But my Aunt got us a swaddler that ACTUALLY works! We were so happy it kept her in (and highly comfortable, from the looks of it - I definitely would like one in my size just from looking at how satisfied she looked in it) until she spit up all over it, but once it's back from the mountins of washington, it will go back in action.

Well, look at the time, I have to go! Have a good night, everyone!

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