Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Five

So-I have decided I really like blogging. It reminds me of writing in a diary, only the audience is different. Well...actually to be truthful the audience is very similar to a diary right now because I have absolutely no fans. This means that really, no one is reading this except for myself. is still fun because I may GET fans.

You never really want that with a least I don't think.

Anyway, I am liking this blogging thing a lot because

#1 I never thought I'd have the time for this, but, I read in a magazine you have to MAKE time for things like working out, like you pretend you have a meeting for I thought I would MAKE time for a blog.

#2 The time I have arranged to "make" for my blog is precisely the time slot RIGHT BEFORE the time I have "made" for my "meeting" at the gym. So...I am essentially procrastinating the work out time that I have made up in my schedule.

#3 I have realized that it is easy to "make time" in any schedule. As long as it is summer vacation. I have a distinct feeling that if I am "making time" in the school year it will be at 4 a.m. in the dark of night...but it will be fun. I'll become addicted to coffee or something. I will feel like I'm in a movie.

#4 I just like writing...and it's fun to think someone might actually think it's fun to read this.

Well, I am off clean my house, walk the dog and go to the gym!

Thanks for reading!

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