Monday, July 19, 2010

Day Nine

I somehow ran 3 miles today and did not die.

I am trying to do these things every day, no matter what, so I know that I am trying my best to make the most out of each day:

1. Thank God for another day as I say hello to my family

2. Walk the dog-preferably at the dog park where he can splash and jump with other dogs

3. Exercise

4. Clean

5. Check up on friends/family/the news/you know la la la/do my writing on my internet space here....

As I was accomplishing #3 today, it occured to me that I would try for not one, but three miles. I am not exactly a runner. I counted running after kids in the hallway at work as part of my exercise routine before this. I have been trying to do these 5 things every day since I started has left me feeling more fulfilled. I just only can hope I can keep this up for a long time. It really makes me feel well-balanced.

Anyway I was looking on the internet today and seeing so many celebrities writing so many books about so many different things....they do not have PHds....many have little higher education experience whatsoever...they just KNOW people.

I am the opposite. I've had experience in higher education and yet don't "know" I am writing to myself on this little space.

But that's just fine. I can't seem to write a book anyway. I tried writing a book and got 85 pages in and gave up after I was too scared to create a villian. My husband read all 85 pages and said it was good but there was no conflict whatsoever. Oops! Then I lost the whole thing when my computer crashed. The great crash of '10. Perhaps it's for the better that some things happen....

Anyway, today's entry was very much all over the place....but I guess I just wanted to say I'm glad I'm finally getting things accomplished.....or, more accurately, finally recongizing that I am able to accomplish things. It is not a bad feeling.

Thanks for reading, if you have read any of this.

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