Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 11

According to my "Half Marathon Training Guide" I have to run 3 miles and lift weights today. How am I supposed to accomplish such a feat? I will try, but just thinking about it makes my thighs hurt.

I also would like to complain about something-I have been working out and watching what I eat and I GAINED two pounds this week. What is up with this? My body is REALLY rebelling against being healthy. It doesn't know what to do with itself. These two months of eating right have really thrown it though a loop. My intestines are probably screaming, "WHERE IS MY BIG MAC? WHERE IS MY 3 POUNDS OF JUNK FOOD PER DAY??"

OH but I digress. Perhaps my body is just jiggling itself into shape somehow. I can only hope that by Fall I will have made SOME kind of progress with all this time, effort, and all out WORK I am putting into trying to eat right and exercise and "do the right thing" for my body now that it is 26 years old.

Anyway. I am procrastinating from housework again. My horoscope today told me that I have to just focus and do what I've got to do....sing it, sister. I realize this, but some things are far easier told to someone than done by that someone.

I know I have to exercise like I'm in some sort of prison and re-organize my furniture and clothes today but getting the motivation to actually do these things is proving to be quite difficult.

I would much rather walk around like a real housewife of Buffalo, NY than do anything "productive".

What would a real housewife of Buffalo, NY do, you might ask yourself (if you were a reader of this blog, persay)....

Well. She would sleep until around 9, watch the Today Show, take her dog on a walk, watch more t.v., update her blog, go out to lunch, walk around a little bit....

Maybe that's just me.

A real "housewife" of Buffalo would probably be on some kind of drinking binge by 11 a.m. and have a real problem with keeping her weight off because the food here is absolutely amazing.

Maybe that is my problem with being healthy! I love food too much. Oh it is so delicious.

Well, anyway, I guess I have digressed again.

My pets are attacking each other like dinosaurs, I should go.

Let's see how this "home improvement work out day" goes!

I think I'll begin with lunch.

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