Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day Six...a few minutes early

So, there are so many things I could write about right about now.

I am choosing to let you ( and by you I most likely mean myself because I am still the only one reading this) in on a little secret. I am FINALLY starting to eat the right way and work out and I am loving it!

I have been struggling my whole life with eating the right way. In fact, I believe I was addicted to junk food at one point.

Exhibit (A): A Timeline of Food in a Typical day before June 1, 2010

Drive to Dunkin' Donuts and get a breakfast bagel sandwich and a coffee

Eat all of the junk food within reach (and that's a lot when you give gifts of sugar to reward kids in English Class review games

Get a candy bar from the vending machine if I'm staying late-which is a lot

Go home and eat anything from the cupboards-like, for example, some cookies or something

Stop at Wendy's on the way home-Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, baby

Eat dinner-whatever, wherever

Go somewhere for Dessert-because I've "earned" it....

Holy Cannoli people....I thank my lucky stars my start weight was not close to a blimp's when fully blown up!

I really just want to be healthy...and I think you all can agree (or maybe just myself because that is still all who is reading this)...this was the best decision. And I'm stickin' by it.

And it's working. So far I've actually lost a few pounds....and feel better, too. AND have more energy. Success! :)

Thanks for reading!

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