Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 100.

I do not even know what to say. I just wrote every day for 100 days. I said I was going to, and then I did.

It inspires me and makes me sleepy at the same time. That happens to me a lot though - I will look at someone's accomplishment and it will both inspire me and make me sleepy for that person.

Oh, you ran a marathon? I am both inspired and so tired for you. I'm insptired.

Oh, you just created and hosted Thanksgiving dinner for every single one of your family members, including your Great Aunt Hilde who hates every kind of food and spits it right out onto her plate and says "Blah" but she doesn't really say it right because she doesn't have all of her teeth anymore? I am so Insptired right now.

Oh, you lost 60 pounds? Insptired. Me.

Oh, you.

Anyway - that is just what happens. I was even like that when I was little. I was pretty shy when I was really little. Mostly I appreciated all of the hyper kids who ran around, because they were very entertaining....but I was tired for them. So tired. Now I'm tired for their teachers and parents. Holy my goodness.

100 days. I can't thank you guys enough for being my audience through these 100 days. Even if you just popped in once - and then were curious today as to what I might say after 100 days.....thank you. I hope you had fun! I hope I made you a little bit happier. That's all I really want. I love you, my readers!!

Maybe sometime I'll check back in....

Maybe sometime I'll be a famous writer....

No matter what happens, you know what I'll be up to, even if you don't hear from me -

I'll be either sneaking an extra bite of cookie dough....taking a swim through my basement full of laundry a la Scrooge McDuck and his money room.....snugglin' my babe.....having a crazy conversation with my husband....lovin' on my dog....or writing the next great novel sensation to hit your town! I mean if they can make a movie out of Battleship, a game where you're just saying coordinates over and over....I feel like there has to be hope for commercializing what I'm busy writing up.

SO who knows what will happen in life. I'm just soooo happy that I have completed my 100 days! And I got to share a little bit with you....and you and you and you. You too.

And you.

Thank you everybody!!!

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