Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 97

I feel like I am finishing up a run or something - just a couple more minutes, just a couple more minutes. I always do that - tell myself, "Just a couple more minutes".

Only three more bloggin' days after this, and then my challenge is complete. Holy Moly Guacamole.

This whole experience has been great. I know a few things now - I'll have loyal fans if I ever become a famous writer.....I'm able to stick to the challenges I set for myself....I am capable of writing every day for 100 days....(ok I'm not at 100 days yet but I pretty much know this at day 97)....I absolutely love not watching t.v. (I started not watching t.v. around the same time I started this challenge. It is nice...I like having more time to do things I want to do)...I absolutely have a whole lot of inspiration for future ideas...(I've even entertained the idea of training for a half marathon....I might do it, people. And, if I do, I've already heard of a few people who said they might donate to the good cause I would run for!).....I've also been inspired for future writing adventures in my novel....I just think it has been a great experience all around.

I've even lost some weight - I guess if you're sticking to one goal you might as well stick to others, right?

I pretty happy about how I am very close to the end. I mean, completed goals are often celebrated....why not almost almost almost done goals, too?

Anyway -  it will be really strange on Monday to just go to work, and then come home....what will I do? The possibilities are endless....only....I won't be telling you about it.

Unless you stop by my house. Or try calling my phone, but I must admit I've been very, very bad with checking my phone lately. Or you could call Steve, I guess. Or send me a telegram. I wonder if they still do telegrams? I would love if you sent me a letter. I love those things. Getting a letter in the mail is one of my favorite things.


This is just really something - thinking about NOT writing my blog. This habit I've had - I'm about to stop cold turkey pretty soon.

Strange. Really strange.

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