Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 84

I am still sick. I had to leave work today after an hour of being there.

Fever, gross, gross and gross. This week has just not been fun.

And now it is the weekend, and, I'm looking at a calendar with a lot of cancelled plans. I should really start using pencils more. It looks like some kid colored on this thing with three different pens. Anyway... I hope we can at least make it to church on Sunday. I want to go back to that sister act place so bad. 

Side Note: Corinne is a thinker! She has figured out how one of her books plays music, and she opens it up all the time to hear it. She is also a music lover. As soon as she is old enough, I plan on enrolling her in a dance class. She dances all the time. Just had to mention this. She is dancing right now! This is what reminded me.

OK. Back to wallowing in sickness.

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