Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 85!

I think in 15 days or so, I may take a little break from the internet.

I've pretty much stopped watching t.v. altogether, except for watching some Game of Thrones episodes once in a while, which I really like. When that season is over, though...I really don't think I'll be watching anything. Unless Mad Men comes on Netflix, then I'll watch those of course. But other than that...nothing. Nothing, I say!

Anyway....I almost never use my phone. I have become really bad at remembering it exists. I just do not use it much at all. I think I'm just leaning toward disconnecting myself for a while.

Do you ever feel like that? I feel like technology is everywhere and I just need to step away from it for a little bit. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. 

I've got some home improvement projects we're about to work on now that the weather is getting nicer....and after my week of caring for sick people and being a sick person is winding down, I'd like to get back on the treadmill...or run outside when I can. And of course take Corinne on walks outside.

I even think for my novel writing I might just use a notebook for a while. It helps me to write in different places, it might actually help me to write without using a computer. 

So probably won't see me on the internet for a bit after my 100 days of blogging are finished.

It's not you, internet. It's me. It is totally me. I need to

Be a mom and wife.
Be health conscious.
Be a writer.

None of those things involve the why should I involve the internet? 

It is strange how using the internet every day to connect with everyone and write has caused me to want just the opposite.

I suppose it is human nature to want what you do not have.

I will totally keep up with my blog here for the next 15 or so days, until I'm at 100 days, of course.

But after that...I am just probably won't see me blogging every day. I've got some things to be. I've got to get busy doing and do less talking about it for a while. Who knows...maybe in a few months I'll have some stories to tell. Maybe I'll be able to say I'm officially done with my novel....maybe I'll be able to say I've lost some weight and done some cool things with the house. I just want to actually work on those things. 

I am glad to blog for 85 days, and happy to go to all 100...but I'm looking forward to my next project: doing more, and talking about it less. I've got to get this novel finished...and, now that I know I can make time for writing every night...I'm going to make all of that writing time novel-oriented, and not just some of it. I'm going to get some things done.

 At least....for a little while.


  1. Well, I'll miss reading your blog every day, to be sure, but I totally understand. I sometimes feel that way too, so I just go out in my yard and enjoy gardening, birdwatching and listening to God. Bonding with nature is very therapeutic for whatever ails me.

  2. Thank you, Gail!! I want to do those things, too...and I want to take Corinne with me. It sounds like a nice way to spend time.