Thursday, May 10, 2012

DAY 90

Oh my! I've been writing every day for 90 days! Holy Moly!

That makes me feel very adult. Following through on something I say I am going to do is very adult...I really think it is.

I've also been doing other adult things. Maybe on purpose, maybe just because it feels better to do an adult thing.

It actually feels amazing to do the adult thing. I really love it. I used to think being an adult you had to do a lot of boring things. You really don't - it is all in how you look at it. I once read an Ann Landers  - a reader wrote in and said things like, "I get myself pumped up and excited to do regular, normal, mundane things. I'll actually say to myself - "I GET TO do the laundry today!" That reader said her quality of life skyrocketed. I try to do that as much as I can. I really think perspective can make things better. I can't do it all the time - but for the most part I will say that it helps.

And I do love the results of doing the adult thing.

Doing the bills? It feels great to have those things in order.

Laundry done? Best feeling ever.

Just ate a salad? A feeling of accomplishment. Oh so nice.

I could make a list of a adult things I really love - ok, I will -

For example -

Putting winter clothes away in the basement and keeping the summer clothes in our drawers - very adult. And I cannot even express how good it makes me feel.

Keeping up with the laundry on a day to day basis - oh my goodness not only is that adult but that is amazing adult. I loveee it. It doesn't always happen, but when it does - it is so so so so so nice.

Praying more and going to church on a regular basis - it really feels nice. It feels nice to connect to God. It gives me hope and it makes me feel peaceful. Sometimes the choir gives me chills. I get hope for the next week - I get hope for the future - I get hope for all the people I pray for....and my list is growing.

Eating my vegetables. I've lost 6 pounds since I decided to lose more weight a few weeks ago! I'm loving it. It feels so much better to eat right and move around more than it ever did eating whatever junk I wanted and laying around more.

Setting goals, and following through on them: this means making things better around the house, writing more, being with my family as much as possible, exercising more - whatever I've been putting a goal to, I've been up to the challenge. And I'll keep going, too.

Going to doctor's appointments....and dentist appointments....and holding myself accountable for my own health. So much better than just not caring about health - I've been sick far, far less. These past two weeks I've had a bad cold....but this is the first time I've been sick since the Fall....and I used to get sick once a month at least.

Anyway you may think I'm crazy but it's just how I feel.

I think that woman from Ann Lander's column was 100% right - especially because there are so many people who are NOT able to do these things. SO many people who have disabilities, who are paralyzed, who do not have the support or the means to have a place of their own with things of their own, who may not have anyone at all to care for, or who might not feel the self worth to care for themselves. Those are the people I pray for....and I'm thanking God I can do those things that I can...for as long as I can.

And - Sidenote - While I'm at work.....while I'm away from my baby and my house and my family in general - and I want to stay focused because I'm glad I have a job - but I also want to go home - I entertain myself. I have started reading my emails in my head using a muppet voice. Professional emails explaining how protocols have changed are just so much better when Fozzy is reading them to you. Oh my I just had to say that. I thought it kind of went with that Ann Landers note - I GET TO read a million emails at work....hehe.

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