Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 93

I love Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is like another Christmas, or Valentine's Day! Someone from work emailed me and mentioned "Sloppy Kisses, cold eggs, breakfast in bed, homemade cards" made me want to cry it was so nice. She said she saves all of her gifts from her children. I know I will, too.

This year I WAS able to get a sloppy kiss from Corinne, but that is mostly because if her mouth goes anywhere near anyone there is bound to be some drool! We went out to breakfast in Rochester, we went to the Public Market and got flowers, then we hung out with my family.

And Steve gave me a charm for my charm bracelet!! It is an October birthstone, representing Corinne. I love it so so much.

It has been a very busy weekend (but let us be honest - whose weekend is not busy?! Even if you live alone and barely have any family I am sure your weekend was busy. I don't think I've met one person with a "slow" weekend. Seriously if only weekends were Monday-Friday and the work week were Saturday and Sunday....I think the world would just be a better place).


I just picked up the dog from "Camp"....and threw a load of laundry in (I'm still not to the bottom yet, people...but maybe it's for the best. Who even wants to know what my basement floor looks like at this point? Not me!)

Now I wanted to write really quickly before I went over to Steve's parents for Mother's Day dinner.

And - I just wrote for exactly three minutes. Time to go!

See what I mean? Busy, busy! I'm ready for the weekend already. Too bad tomorrow is Monday. Holy Moly.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!! Even if you are a Mom to a Dog or Cat - if you care for someone in a motherly way, I think you count, too! :)

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