Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 82

The skies are dark today.  
Don't you hate it when people say "literally" when they really mean "figuratively"?  Like when they run one mile and say they "literally ran a million miles".  I Just want to say to them, "you did not run a million miles, you bub, but you are literally the biggest idiot I've ever known".  Instead, what I do say is "Oh, that's really nice.  You must be really in shape.  I am very jealous of your abilities."

I have to tell you that right now Steve is typing this to you but I am dictating it.  I'm still writing it because if Stephen Hawking can do all of his magic by blowing into a tube I can still do my blog magic without my hands today. I do not feel well.  I feel like if I were to look at the computer screen I would not be able to type anything because I would be too busy throwing up into my hands.  I hope that is not too much information.  I hope your are not offended by the Stephen Hawking thing.  I like that guy, but I don't really like that he cheated on his wife.  That's beside all this. 

 Now another thing.  For some reason, for the past two months, I've had this song stuck in my head, which I guess kind of goes with what I was saying about Stephen Hawking:

Get it?  Because she is asking if her man is serious.  Anyway, my throat's really kind of hurting so I should probably go, but thank you Steve for writing out this thing today.

(Steve's side note:  I should probably mention right now that Katie is in bed in a quasi-state of delirium.  She's insisted that I publish this blog post as-is, but I'm sure she will recant most of it once she's regained her mental faculties.  I'd also like to apologize to Stephen Hawking.)


  1. Good job Steve !( not Hawking). Hope Katie feels well soon. :(