Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 11

11 Guilty Pleasures I Guiltily Guiltily Have

1. If I am staring at you, I am comparing your face to an animal. Frog? Jaguar? Seal? That is what I am trying to decide. This is a guilty pleasure because it makes me feel guilty and I love it. That is why it is the first thing I thought of, and then wrote down.

2. Taking a bowl, filling it up with ice-cream, and then eating the ice cream. Guilty, guilty, guilty. I'm trying to cut the eating of dairy products down but by jingo ice cream is just not making the cut.

3. If I have ANY spare money, I want to spend it. Mall? Ok. Go out to eat? Yes. Pancakes? Yes. Peanut Butter Pancakes? Why are we still talking and not eating? Buy anything at all in the entire universe? After the pancakes. You get the picture. 

4. Now that I'm a mom, I see how amazing shower time is. I mean - I liked it before....but I LOVE it now. Shower time is my time to shine! Is that too much information?

5. I like it when the hockey people fight. 

6. Saying things like "By Jingo".

7. Wearing Jammies. 

8. Calling my jammies, "Jammies."

9. When my hair has a braid in it, I feel that I am so awesome that I can't help but feel guilty as a result. On my wedding day I had so many braids in my hair, it really exemplified the awesomeness I was feeling.

10. Sitting down staring at someone while figuring out what their animal twin is, as I am eating a bowl of ice cream on top of pancakes, online shopping after a nice hot shower, the t.v. has just turned to hockey and the hockey people start to fight. "By Jingo!," I say as I scratch my knee through my jammies. "These jammies are so great," I also say. My hair is in  a braid. At that time I have so much guilt from all of those guilty pleasures combined--but then at that point I realize I've been daydreaming in the shower again. Because the shower is awesome. 

That's why it is my guilty pleasure. 


  1. Katie, you are hilarious!! My fave is #5. Especially the way you worded it. lol

  2. I want to know what my animal twin is! Haha

  3. @Tonya - Thanks!! @Erin - I'm thinkin' cat. I think I'm a cat too.