Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 18

Three scenes that would make the '80s montage in the movie of my life right now----

1. Corinne sitting on my lap while I'm typing in my blog, in my work clothes, shoes still on, with Steve folding the laundry that I'm going to put away after the blog is written and the dog passed out on the couch behind him....with Anthony Bourdain in Prague on the t.v.....which is all happening right now.

2. All three of us getting ready for work in the morning. Simon and Garfunkel is playing. Or Phantom Planet. Or NPR. I've got a toothbrush in my mouth and a shirt for Steve in my hands, he's changing her and she's kicking her feet. And then someone runs to feed the dog and cat, and let the dog out, and another of us runs to grab everything we need for the day, and the other one realizes that a shirt needs to be ironed, and then another one falls asleep, and then we somberly listen to the world news on NPR as we drive to Grandma's house, and then to work. And then I look at the baby and she's smiling, and then I look out the window at the snow on the branches and look back at her and she's asleep, and I blink and she's already 4 months old. 

3. Coming home from work and running around the house getting food ready, eating, changing the baby, reading to the baby, trying tummy time with the baby, putting away dishes and laundry, writing something on the computer for a moment or two, so that maybe I'll be a famous writer someday, and then playing some more....and then all of the sudden it's bed time. 

And then all of the sudden it's 4 am and somebody...I won't mention any names...wakes up.

And then all of a sudden we're all up.

And then we fall back asleep an hour later.

And then all of a sudden it's a new day.

I guess we'd need an '80s song for this montage. Or early '90s or something. Maybe this?



  1. OMG. I love Steve Winwood! I love that song. I love listening to my CD of him when I'm working around the house. It's great music to work by, cause it makes me more energetic to clean a toilet (ha,ha)! :)

  2. I love Steve Winwood too!! That would be a great soundtrack for housework!! I totally agree.