Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day Six:

Six things I think about sometimes.

1. When we're all in nursing homes, there will be at least one Great Grandma Brittany - and there will be a lot of people in the home who like listening to hip-hop and Justin Bieber. No Great Grandma Louises listening to jazz. Well, maybe one or two. But...interesting to think about. Also they probably won't be playing chess. They'll probably be little old men playing video games and little old women talking about each other on their cell phones. Just a thought.

2. Sometimes, on a snowy Saturday afternoon, I'll have my mittens on because it is so so cold, and I'm alone in the car because I'm about to run an errand. Every single time this happens, for the past month, I have to listen to the Arcade Fire album "The Suburbs", and I turn it way up, and it feels as satisfying as slipping into a hot bath, or laying in the sun on a really bright summer's day. And that album can be pretty depressing and sad. But it just feels good to listen to it. I just really like it. I think about everything when I listen to that album. It is my current favorite, and I want everyone to know about it.

3. I always think I am the first to come up with ideas, and then quickly become crushed when I realize they are not only already made up, but used widely by everyone all over the world all the time. This happened when I came up with "Salsa Eggs" --(Huevos Rancheros, I see, when I google this, is not only widely known, but a Mexican Tradition). Maybe I'll come up with something that nobody has thought of; but this leads me to my next thought....

4. Has everyone thought of everything you've ever thought? I mean it more this way: is everything you can possibly think about, been thought of at some point by someone else, just because there are soooo many of us, and there have been so many of us, and there will be so many of us? Or, is that too limited? Will all the thoughts we could ever think never be completely all thought of because ideas and original thinking just are something that never can stop? Does that even make sense?? Or have you thought of this before, too?

5. Sometimes I think about string theory constantly. Like, what if there are a million versions of my next door neighbor, or what if in one existance Steve and Corinne and I live on a farm or something? I watch a lot of Nova. My mind wanders. It is an interesting combination.

6. I still feel like I am thirteen, a lot. I am motivated by things like chocolate cake and music and talking with my friends. I wonder if that will ever go away. I hope it doesn't.


  1. I still feel like I'm 13 sometimes! Just ask Holly about my "doll room".
    And I had a few thoughts of my own:
    Re #1 - I'm pretty sure great-grampa Tim will be listening to jazz.
    Re # 3 & 4 - for as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming up inventions to make me my first million $. And I wonder if someone has already invented it?
    Also, I have lots of ideas about really great childrens' books, but I wonder if someone has already written them?
    Keep up your wandering ( with your mind, I mean). I can really relate to that, and I always enjoy reading your musings about life.

  2. I love this comment. Thank you so much!