Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Five:

If I had bubblegum that came with cards all about my friends and family, and why I love them, and why they should be famous, they might look something like these....
now, now, don't be mad if you're not in this little group - I'm sure you'll be mentioned at some point....if you're lucky.......or, by request, of course.

Will dance around
all over the place
and isn't afraid
of a Wild Wednesday
(or worse)
Midnight Lovin'- -
Likes the Weather Channel
and sideways baseball caps
Corporate Powerhouse
Turkey Giveaway Queen
Cup-cake baking machine.

Unafraid of a 5 mile run
Stares making dinner in the face
and ends up with a five course meal of
Raises a puppy with fluffy ears
in a world of snow and rain
Getting married this year
at the Berry Patch
to the man who shares her love of brand new chocolate chip cookies
and purest hatred of olives -green or black.

Will raise four kids
With the wave of a hand
and the prowess of a tiger
Sees an unclean kitchen and shakes her head
it's clean in three seconds or less
Trampolines, bunk-beds, pigtails and practice
This is the stuff
of her days and nights
This is the stuff
(Fills the world with lights)

Two baby daughters
Sitting in a row
Mama and Daddy
watch them grow
She'll make them a fort
She'll bake them a snack
She'll work at the school
She'll knit them hats
She'll do it for them
She'll do what she can
and when the day's done
She'll do it again

Oh Creator of All Cakes Decorated
For the lands far and near
Oh Decorator of the cutest house
On the street she holds dear
She'll be there for her family
She'll be there for her friends
She'll teach the schoolkids music
And then she'll go to bed

Woman of many trades
Some that come to mind
Making her house into a home
and teaching the children rhymes
Planning for a wedding
When the summer's waking up
When the Day is long and warm
On the seventh of July

......And maybe someday, you'll find your name here in my little corner of these internets. You never know. Maybe you should stay tuned.....

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  1. Of course I love the one about Holly. She is my dear sweet precious confection of a daughter-in-law.<3