Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Ten:

Ohhh, I'm ten percent of the way there....ohhhh, livin' on a ....



Today's topic is.....


I was thinking about it this morning. Every time you bring up Superheroes, people have something to say.

Talk about cars, maybe people will talk. 

Talk about the weather, half of the people you're talking with might be zoning out and just making up what they are saying to you based on your tone of voice (that's what I do a lot when people talk about the weather. Unless we're talking about snowstorms. Now, that's the stuff!)

Talk about superheroes, and BAM! It's as if you're talking about t.v. shows you watched when you were a kid. That's another hot topic of awesome that everybody has an opinion on. Have you noticed that? You should try it at the next party/get-together/time you are hanging out with more than one person at once. You might be surprised, or mildly amused, that I was right.

Here are five thoughts I have on Superheroes.

1. Wonder woman needs to wear more clothes. She should be called "Almost a Nudist" woman. It would be more appropriate.

2. Superman has the quality everyone wants: To fly. But, I mean, if you had the ability to fly, would you really want to be involved in all that conflict that inherently lies in your duties of being a superhero? I would just want to fly around and look at stuff and be happy because I can fly. I'd just give money to charity and stuff like that instead of being involved with conflict. I avoid conflict at all costs. There are other ways to contribute to the world at large.

3. The Hulk is so green. So, so green. I love that. I wonder if he'd be able to give blood - and if so, what blood type he would be. Hmmmm

4. I really like the X-Men movies. They are fantastic. Especially that last one. I always think I don't want to watch the X-Men movies, then I pop them in, and Bam! I love them. Every time.

5. I don't think a show like Captain Planet would be aired today. I loved Captain Planet, but the main agenda of those superheroes was to demolish the evil deeds of corporations. That's the kind of talk that gets you in trouble, these days. It's a very 1984 world today, you know. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just know this: Captain Planet was so early '90s, but I love it so.

And those are 5 of my opinions on superheroes. Because, everyone has an opinion about superheroes. Whether you know it or not.